Wes Harman Artist Page


Wes Harman is a Midwestern singer-songwriter specializing in simple melodies built to create an emotionally complex impact. Wes blends guitar roots ranging from John Mayer to Old Sea Brigade with vocal tones reminiscent of Michael Buble and Johnny Rzeznik. Influenced by artists such as the Goo Goo Dolls, Johnny Cash, and Jon Bryant, Wes holds audiences captive with authenticity and a passion for crowd engagement.


Stage plot

One microphone and boom stand for vocals. One microphone and boom-stand for a Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier and 1x12 cabinet speaker.


"Weston Harman is, without parallel, one of the most talented and innovative guitarists/artists I have the pleasure of knowing. Beyond his precise, technical guitar skill, his impulses toward pushing the envelope of music, of what a song could be, are what have provided many of the songs on Ocean Glass’ debut full-length album, Two Bodies, that little something extra. Behind the scenes, Weston is an energetic and enthusiastic creative; he is constantly tinkering with new sounds and ideas that dare to both nod to the musical mainstream and, at the same time, stave off the habit of falling into familiar and easy artistry. His vision walks the line of old and new. Given that his off-stage presence is something fierce, it comes as no surprise that on-stage Weston is equally up to the task. Few musicians come to their instruments with the fervor and delight that Weston does. To watch him play is an absolute treat. To work alongside of him is the humblest privilege." - Nishat Ahmed, Poet & Ocean Glass Frontman

"Wes Harman, in addition to being a solid human being and absolute sweetheart, is one of the most talented people I have the honor of knowing. He covers so many bases - a masterful guitar player, a voice that makes me melt a little bit inside, and a great musical mind. Simply put, he's an all-around fantastic musician." - Anka Radley, Clockwork Owl

"Wes is an expert at dealing in energy. Through a kinetic personality both on and off the stage as well as a spirited and timeless writing style, he brings a fresh and welcome voice to the musical realm of pop-rock. He’s got both musical breadth and depth - enough to get you swaying and singing along one moment and to melt your face off the next. An interactive performer, Wes seems most at home on stage, under the hot lights, translating life experiences into lyrical melodies, thumping rhythms, and a double-dose of blood, sweat, and tears." - Tariq Shihadah, Discoverer & Host of The Local Glow



Ph: 309.831.9223