Go Kart Kevin henry

Problem Statement: Our goal for the Go Cart project is to design and test a Go Cart that is powered by a drill. Over the course of 2 marking periods. We will be provided materials Drill, Plywood, Wood Glue and $25 on any other materials.


This is a picture of drill powering system that we are going to use for our Go Kart.-http://gizmodo.com/how-to-build-a-cheap-ish-drill-powered-go-kart-1703139333
This is a picture of how we are going to create our frame for our Go Kart.-http://www.uptrend.com/general/diy-how-to-construct-a-drill-powered-gokart-at-home-out-of-old-building-material-and-tools/cXRg0


This is a picture of our front and back design this would be where the wheels and axle would go.
This is a picture of how we want our design for our driving system
This is a picture of our overall Design with our actual demotions to size.
This is a picture of our Go Kart with the Dimensions of every angle and side.
This is a picture of our group assembly of our Go-Kart


This a picture of Alex setting up our Vcarve file to cut out our parts.
This is a picture of Alex taking our pieces off the table after cutting out our parts.

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