Greece's Changes in Government By:emily Klinger

I created an adobe spark which tells about agents of change who influenced types of government in Greece and in the 20th century.

Grecian Old Flag

Greece never had a different name; it has always been called Greece!


Their very first type of government was a monarchy. A monarchy is when one family makes choices for the whole country, and members have to be born into the family. (usually a king or queen)

In 1924 the monarchy was overthrown and then changed into a republic, because the greeks voted to get rid of the monarchy.

A republic is where the people elect a president and representatives to make decisions with the people's input.

1936 their government got changed again from a republic into a dictatorship. General Loannis Mextaxas was the reason a dictatorship happened; he was appointed prime minster, but then took over the country.

In 1941 General Mextaxas died, and Germany took over. Then in 1944 Greek and British forces joined together and made Germany withdraw from Greece.

General Mextaxas

A dictatorship is when one person rises to power and takes control of a country.

This is a metaphor showing dictators tell you what to do

By 1952 a new constitution declared Greece a kingdom ruled by parliamentary democracy.

A parliamentary democracy is when whichever party has the biggest representation in parliament has most of the rules made based on them from the prime minster.

1952 Constitution of a Parliamentary Democracy

In 1975 Greece's government changed one more time from a parliamentary democracy and became a parliamentary republic. This was their last government change, they are still a parliamentary republic today.

George Papadopoulos was the prime minster in 1967, but then was changed to president when the government changed.

George Papadopoulos

A parliamentary republic is when there is a president that has to get approval from the parliament to pass laws.

1975 Constitution of a Parliamentary Republic

Italy, Britain, and Germany all played a big part in Greece's government changes.

Italy's Flag
Britain's Flag
Germany's Flag

General Loannis Mextaxas, prime minster in 1936 and George Papadopoulos, prime minster in 1967 and president in 1973, also played a major role in Greece's changes.

Greece Population Map

Conclusion one, you can tell many people like to live in Lonia and near Lonian Sea. Conclusion two, you can see that many people live or like to visit the small islands. Conclusion 3, you can assume from this map the people are very spread out in the middle of the country near Thessaloniki.

Greece Map

Conclusion one, because there is a bold black star over Athens, you can assume that it is Greece's capital. Conclusion two, you can tell that Greece borders four countries and four seas. Conclusion three, you can see that not only is Greece a mainland county but also made up of hundreds of little islands.

Sea turtle from Zakynthos
Greece's Flag today

That's how Greece became what it is today!

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