Music 80's

The 80's music, in my opinion was the best decade of music. From Journey to Madonna to Queen, they are all legends.

Some of the most iconic songs from the 80's are Like a Prayer by Madonna, Beat It by Michael Jackson and Don't stop believin' by Journey.

Madonna is one of the most famous female singers from the 80s. From Like a Virgin, to Papa Don't Preach and Like A Prayer, she still makes music to this day. She is beautiful, talented and will always be a Queen of the 80's.

Everybody knows Prince. From Lets Go Crazy, to You Got the Look, and to If I Was Your Girlfriend. Prince was such an amazing musician. He was an American singer-songwriter, actor, multi-instrumentalist, philanthropist, dancer and record producer. Forever will he rest in peace.

Queen, by far one of my favorite bands ever. Queen is a British rock band that formed in London in 1970. Even though these songs weren't from the 80's their most popular songs include Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You, and We Are The Champions. All of their musicians include Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon. Queen still preforms and still makes amazing music.

Everyones favorite had to be Michael Jackson. MJ was an American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actor, and philanthropist. He was so talented from when he was young till when he passed. He has so many well known songs but some of them are Thriller, which is also the best selling album in the US shipment/sales. Other songs are Billie Jean, Beat It , Smooth Criminal, Man in the Mirror, and Black or White. Michael with forever be the King of Pop. Rest In Peace.

80's music decade was such a great music span. From Madonna to Queen, it ranges so far. Honestly the 80's were the best time. The culture, music, film.


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