TexArt Workshop May 21•26 - Kerrville, Texas

My next Training session is part of the Fabulous TexArt Workshop... in Kerrville, Texas, beginning on Sunday May 21st.

If you want to learn how to paint the best skies of your career... come to TexArt

At the TexArt Workshop I'll be training artists how to paint delicious Watercolor Skies. In addition to several other very cool Sky Recipes... I will be showing artists how to create skies using my easiest and most naturalistic sky procedure... Glisten Skies.

My Glisten Sky Recipe allows you to create amazingly realistic sky/cloud effects faster & better than ever. In fact... you probably should bring along your rain coat... because you might get wet when we paint storm clouds.

Noon Sky Recipe  Another of my favorite Sky Recipes is the one I use for painting very bright Mid-Day Skies where the sun is right overhead. The sky shown below is an example of my Noon Sky Recipe. The final results are similar to the Glisten Sky... by they are created in a much different way, since the brushwork is executed on dry paper rather than the Glisten Skies; which are done on a wet surface. Similar visual effects... but very different recipes. I also use the Noon Sky Recipe as part of a Landscape Recipe that I call... Cloud Shadows. You can easily see the shadows falling over the landscape in this painting from when I used to spend my summers in Kashmir.

Watercolor Skies present their own set of challenges. And the ability to create a painting like this below requires about a dozen unique watercolor skills... 3-4 of them to create the sky alone. If you don't know how to execute these brushwork skills... you will be limited in what you can achieve. If however you learn how to create the various visual effects... and then refine those skills... you will discover the pure bliss of painting with Transparent Watercolor.

Painting all over the American west continues to inspire me to paint the beauty of large expansive skies where you can see 75-100 miles in all directions.

However...all too often watercolor painters either don't bother with the sky... or they paint a very basic sky that doesn't add much to the painting.

specific David Rankin demonstrating a specific watercolor technique as painters prepare to try creating the visual effects themselves.

Dramatic Skies - If you'd love to paint better Watercolor Skies... come to the TexArt Workshop in Kerrville, Texas - May 21-26 and master watercolor painter, David Rankin, will train you in his amazing procedures for creating magnificent skies.

What may appear to be a simple sky... seldom is simple.

You as the artist must decide what kind of sky will add to... and benefit your subject. Even with what appears to be a simple sky... there is an effective and sometimes complicated procedure that will allow you to create the proper visual result. In this large watercolor I wanted a seemingly simple, yet elegant, sky gradation that would enhance the overall drama of the painting in early evening winter light. It's about knowing how to actually produce a variety of visual effects so that you... the artist... can choose to create a unique realistic looking sky that actually enhances whatever your subject requires.

Here I needed a large clean, well-executed, graded wash in the sky... in order to balance off against the detail and drama in the church.

The Beauty of Watercolor Skies

Sometimes the sky & earth blend together in large soft shapes shrouded by the early morning mist in the Himalayas of North India.

And sometimes... the subject of the painting... "is" the Sky itself.

So come to the TexArt Workshop in May and David will train you in magical watercolor skills for creating the very best skies you've ever painted.

David often uses advanced computer imaging in some of his training in order to explain various procedures.

David Rankin is a "Watercolor Trainer".  First of all... he demonstrates the precise brushwork and skills resulting in specific visual effects... one skill at a time. He has taken Watercolor apart and reassembled its most precious skills into understandable procedural steps that make Watercolor such an intriguing medium. Then... he'll show you the precise steps & skills required to create each visual effect... in Painting Recipes just like in Cooking. Once he has walked you through the various recipe stages... it's time for you to try the same procedures... Stage by Stage. He then works with you until you can replicate a specific visual effect correctly... and under your artistic control. The proof is in the Pudding!

How in the world did I create this large painting below ( 30" x 40" ), with a very plain "featureless sky" all around this complicated Victorian Architecture in India's large metropolis... Bombay ( Mumbai ), India... without using Frisket or Gouache?

The building shape was so complex that I decided I wanted a very even "featureless" wash up in the sky... with nothing to attract the viewer's attention away from the building bathed in late afternoon light. Would it help you to know that I turned the painting upside down so that all aspects of the wash ran upwards and away from the building? And then... I ran it all in one "go"... starting from the far right side rooftop and ending in those domes on the far left of the painting. This required just the right amount of gravity for the bead... just the right "work-around" brushwork to cut the wash in around all of the shapes... just the right pigment/water mixture of wash for the sky... and just the right execution speed... not too slow... not too fast.

Victorian architecture in Mumbai, India - 30" x 40" Transparent Watercolor

David states..."it's just like "Cooking" from a Recipe". David's unique Watercolor Recipes allow you to create the lovely visual effects correctly every time. "It's not Luck or Happy Accidents. It's hard core Watercolor Training & Skill...!"

No use of Frisket... no resorting to gouache... just good brushwork & planning.

David encourages artists to come in close around him as he demonstrates so they can see & study the precise brushwork he is describing and demonstrating. He has taken Transparent Watercolor apart from top to bottom and put it back together in ways that make even the most complicated visual effects far easier to achieve & master.

Artists David trained recently at the Green Country Watercolor Society in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I just finished a big Workshop in Tulsa, at the Green Country Watercolor Society, where we worked on the numerous inter-related skills that go into dramatic skies.

Some of David's Class Training Projects

Images above are some of the subjects we worked on to develop various skills. I would love to work with you and your Watercolor Skies. I am a Watercolor Instructor in the fabulous TexArt Workshop in Kerrville, Texas which begins in just 2 weeks - May 21st. Would love to see you there!

Come to the TexArt Workshop and Work on your Watercolor Skills with David Rankin

TexArt is a unique Workshop collaboration between the Susan Kathleen Black Foundation and the Society of Animal Artists
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