Captions Paloma picazo

Terrance, Codi, and Tayvonne add in parts to their spaghetti tower in their Photo Imaging class to add support to the tower, March 10th, 2017. "I think if I could do anything different next time I would definitely use more marshmallows for the support of the tower." -Tayvonne Robinson
Codi struggles to keep the tower up and standing in Photo Imaging because of the noodles becoming unattached and breaking, March 10th, 2017. "I think the hardest part is making the noodles the right size, because if you don't you just wasted a noodle." -Codi Post
Codi and Tayvonne realized the tower has no hope and laugh it out in the Photo Imaging class because of the marshmallows and noodles giving out, March 10th, 2017. "I enjoyed when the noodles would break, it was funny, we all decided not to take this too seriously." -Terrance Adeleye
Codi tries to compromise by adding more marshmallows for strength in Photo Imaging because the time began to run out and they needed it to end up standing, March 10th, 2017. "This project was very exciting, we didn't know what would end up happening, it required extreme focus and a little humor." -Paloma Picazo

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