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Recently nominated for a record-tying 14 Academy Award nominations, winner of seven Golden Globes and the recipient for two BAFTA nominations was none other than the new film by Damien Chazelle, "La La Land", which also happens to be a musical. It distributed color and vibrancy throughout the theatre as well as a bit of sorrow for most. Although taken place in modern time, the music style was set back all the way to three different decades, beginning with the 1960s. There were countless jazz numbers that would be almost guaranteed to make you want to get up and dance along with the movie.

The movie is able to capture the life of two dreamers (Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling) and their way of finding themselves. Although tap-dancing down a street while trying to find your car is unrealistic, this musical seems to be relatable to those who are searching to find their way in life.

Stone (Mia) plays a hopeful, talented and courageous girl whose life revolves around working in a coffee shop while attending numerous amounts of auditions in hopes of getting her big break. However, it seems to be that she lacks but one thing, an opportunity. An opportunity to showcase her talent and hard work.

As for Gosling (Sebastian), he takes on the role of a jazz fanatic, who is extremely talented at playing the piano. He dreams of owning his own club with a live jazz band. He would, at any given moment, defend his favorite music genre. In order for him to successfully start up his life, he too, needs an opportunity or a bit of a push.

Both characters seem to portray one another in different aspects. Although they want different things, the path to their success is nearly the same. They find each other and then work together to try and reach for their goals. Their relationship has everyone in the audience wishing they had one just like theirs.

This fantastic musical film displays the art of music and dance with a reviving story line behind it. The true meaning of hard work and the difficulties of life are told through the lives of both Mia and Sebastian. The composition of music is brilliant and ties the whole film together.

In all, "La La Land", is much more than what some would consider a "chick flick." It is a battle between what is right and what is necessary. The ending might make you shed a tear or it could leave you disappointed. It's all based on perspective.

4 out of 5 stars

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