AirShot Indoor Airsoft

Welcome to AirShot, Seymour's leading indoor airsoft course!

AirShot airsoft is scheduled to be opening in the near future!

We have made a ton of progress on the building itself, and have started gathering supplies for obstacles and other things. The setup process is underway and will be finished soon!

What do we do?

Here at AirShot, we house all kinds of airsoft games, ranging anywhere from Team Deathmatch to Capture the Flag. AirShot's unique battlefield is recommended for teams of up to 4. However, larger teams are welcome, and anyone can play, whether you've got your own equipment or not!* We also do special events, so if you've got one, let us know to get a group discount!

NOTE: We have no heating or air conditioning system inside, so please dress accordingly.

*if you bring your own equipment, your gun must not exceed 350 FPS. Glasses are required, and we do offer them if you don't bring any.

AirShot Airsoft's paintball field


We are proud to announce the addition of our outdoor speedball field! Scheduled to open shortly after our indoor facility, the new speedball course will open up the door to a whole new type of action! The small scale outdoor field will house all types of games, similarly to its indoor counterpart. Now, two games will be able to take place simultaneously. We will open the outdoor field to Airsoft players as well as paintball players, but not at the same time, unlike our indoor, Airsoft-only course. This course will retain the same setup almost always, however, rather than change every week. We are very excited to get this add-on up and running, and can't wait to see you there to use it!


We here at AirShot may hold an occasional airsoft tournament, in which case we will not be open to the public until it has ended(spectators and bystanders are welcome though). Please check our website or twitter page for any and all information regarding an upcoming tournament. Contact us using the methods located at the bottom for any additional information.

There are no scheduled tournaments at this time!

Map Cycle

At AirShot, we have a variety of different maps that will require different skill sets to master. However, they're only available for ONE WEEK! That's right, after a week of use, we tear it down and move it around, so no two experiences are quite the same! Fortunately for you, similarly to Call of Duty's multiplayer, we have a VOTE feature. The day we open a map is the day that voting for the next week's map starts. Each map will be listed here along with its overview, and you will get to vote on which one you'll be playing the following week. Voting starts every Tuesday and ends on Sunday, so make sure to cast your vote before time runs out. We'll also be adding new maps regularly, so check back often!

If you'd like to vote, please go follow our twitter page @AirShotSeymour. We'll post tournament info, updates, and polls there.

Or scan this in your Twitter app!



More Map pictures coming later...

Scrapyard, one of our first maps is designed to look like an assortment of junk, but play like a professional field. It's got a balance of open and tight spaces, giving any player some sort of an advantage. It also includes things such as barrels, which can be hurdled to provide (or get out of) cover, camping corners, and plenty of cover to duck behind. Dominate the course by utilizing the sides to trap your enemies in the center.

Yard Sale

More Map Pictures Coming Later...

Yard sale is a small scale neighborhood map with the street going straight down the middle. Teams start on opposite ends of the road, and each has immediate access to one of the houses. Whether players choose to wind through the covered walls of the houses, or fight in the exposed air of the street, skill is definitely required to be effective, no matter the location. Hop in and out windows, breach through doors, and take cover behind full sized walls. Just don't get caught off guard, the enemy comes from all sides in our new map, Yard Sale.


More map pictures coming soon...

Our third installment to our map selection is Labyrinth, a maze style map with plenty of cover throughout. It's two sides are identical to each other, meaning that teams must entirely use skill to dominate the field, and can't just luck out on where they start. Labyrinth is all geometric shapes, giving players long corridors, camping corners, and open rooms to fight in. It also comes fully equipped with a highly critical, yet deadly, center, where players can battle to control its 360° map coverage. Just be careful in there because enemies can sneak in from all sides.

More to come...


  • $5 -an hour of play
  • $10 -all day pass
  • $15 -all day + unlimited BBs
  • $45 -30 day membership
  • $60 -30 days + unlimited BBs
  • $100 -Season Pass (includes unlimited BBs)
  • $10 -Spring Pistol Rental (applies all day)
  • $50 -AEG Rental (applies all day) CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE
  • $5 -1000 BBs (0.16g)
  • $15 -5000 BBs (0.25g)
  • $5 -mask rental (applies all day)

Other packages available and can be requested at the facility.


Hours are subject to change, especially on school breaks.

  • Tuesday 4:00 - 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday CLOSED
  • Thursday 4:00 - 7:00
  • Friday 4:00 - 8:00
  • Sunday CLOSED

Contact us:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +1 (865) 963-9353
  • Twitter: @AirshotSeymour


Isaac Kandel

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