Primarily Tech It’s not all robots

What comes to mind when you think about technology?

Maybe it’s devices and the applications they have on them

Or the multitude of robots, motherboards

and programs

Or a new buzzword you read online or heard in the staff room.

Technology is changing faster than ever. Everyday new hardware and software are released by companies offering the latest in technological advancement.

Technologies in the classroom need to be about how you use it and what you do with it...

Teaching skills that can be utilised and built upon regardless of the technology being used. Skills that will enable students to become functional adults in a future we cannot predict.

Teaching students critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, knowledge building, use of ICT, self regulation and real world problem solving.

The different devices, apps, robots and other inevative tools are going to continue to evolve and change from one day to the next. They are simply functional tools to enable students to develop what are considered 21st Century Skills. These are the abilities we aspire to grow and nurture in our students so that they can be able lifelong learners.


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