Reeya '22

"My school life has always been really important to me, but I've also realized that a lot of the experiences that I want to have in high school aren't just school-based. They're also related to extracurricular activities that I do, and also the friends that I've made."

At Albuquerque Academy, we are not just about graduating students with knowledge. Academy students develop healthy attitudes, relationships, and skills to handle any of life’s challenges.

One of those skills that is nurtured is time management. Students who learn how to efficiently use their time not only enjoy their educational experience more, but they also set themselves up to make the transition to college and beyond much easier.

"I've really tried to find this kind of balance," reflects Reeya. "A lot of the things that people have taught us here about time management and work ethic, it's really helped me develop and use my time wisely."