Like a Dream How to experience a different world in BRABANT

In the beginning of May, I was invited by @visitbrabant in order to visit their region and one of their highlights. I actually thought I'd be ending up in the Netherlands (that's also where I was heading to) but I ended up in this different world... A world all made for children and those who want to release their inner child. It was an amazing amusement park called EFTELING where you can explore, learn, test your limits (just to mention these craaazy rollercoasters) and also relax. The park is also filled with beautiful flowers (yep, Dutch people just know how to treat plants) and it's a pleasure to walk around in between this green oasis. The gate you see below is one of their offered entertainment program. Raveleijn is a park show featuring stunt horse riders and a fire breathing dragon. Different world as I said.

The gate to 'Raveleijn' - a park show featuring stunt horse riders and a fire breathing dragon
I fell in love with this talking tree.
Cinderella's house at Efteling's fairytale forest

While I was walking through Netherland's biggest amusement park (btw: I'd recommend to you the Efteling app where you can use a map and all sorts of useful info for free), I saw so many well built houses and grounds. It was a pleasure to discover this place. Especially the details made me smile all the time. Once in a while I could even spot Pardoes, the mascot of Efteling. Besides that, there were a lot of great facilities: lockers where you could leave your belongings, little carriages for the kids, baby changing opportunities, disability access, great varieties of restaurants (really every taste gets satisfied here) and of course also souvenir shops for your unforgettable visit at Efteling.

Just a tiny selection of the stunningly beautiful buildings they have there.
The cute Monorail track

Besides this magical theme houses where you either see and listen to fairy tales or experience magical moments and also spooky situations there are also many attractions such as adrenaline boosting roller coasters or - in contrary - calming boat or train rides. This park offers so much to see and explore that the whole family from young to old will love it.

It was a beautiful sunny day with absolutely no clouds.

The video above shows you one of the main attractions: The PYTHON roller coaster. It was renewed recently and is so much fun to ride. You can guess by my screams! Hehe!

Actually, it's forbidden to take pictures during the ride...

At the end of my day that I spent at Efteling amusement park I enjoyed a great water show called Aquanura. At the sides of Efteling's pond are four frogs which turn the water into a giant water ballet combined with Efteling melodies. I was told that they use more than 200 fountains and 900 lights for this show. Amazing.

But now I was curious about my overnight stay. On the map, I already saw that it was not far away. In walking distance actually but they also offer you a shuttle bus which brings you basically from door to door.

When I arrived at the hotel, I enjoyed the view. It was a hotel and apartment houses all set in a beautiful nature surrounding. A pond was the heart of this well maintained and clean complex.

Efteling Hotel Loonsche Land

After a delicious dinner with white wine, steak and Bitterballen (typcial Dutch and sooo yummy) I fell into my comfy bed and slept like a baby.

The next morning started with a great buffet breakfast. I enjoyed eating my breakfast outside. At 9:15am the shuttle bus brought a few hotel guests and me to the amusement park. Although it officially opens at 10am, hotel guests have early access. So, I rushed to all the roller coasters which I didn't want to miss out on and did one amazing ride after the other. I even was brave enough to experience the crazy Baron 1898 while sitting in the first row! And I loooooved it!

More impressions of my visit at Efteling

After a few fun hours at Efteling it was time to say 'Bedankt en tot ziens!'. I had to catch a train back to the airport. So, the bus brought me the 's Hertogenbosch where I planned to do a little town walk until I had to sit for a couple of hours. I was curious about the town where Hieronymus Bosch was born.

I didn't know what to expect when I wandered through 's Hertogenbosch but I was amazed by every corner. The architecture, the shops, the food and the people - it instantly felt so homey. It was a shame that I didn't have enough time to explore more, inhaling this nice atmosphere. But I told myself to come back very soon.

Back home again, I was quite tired. It was an intense weekend with a lot of physical up and downs (only regarding the roller coasters :) ) and when I lied in bed at almost midnight I suddenly felt how exhausting this adrenaline boost of a weekend was. But I fell asleep smiling and dreamt of a world full of fairy tales with my own little house in the beautiful woods of Efteling, a magical oasis in Brabant.

I'm so glad I had the chance to visit this place. I will definitely come back soon and show this magical place to my husband and son. They will enjoy it very much, just like me.

Thanks again to @visitbrabant and @efteling for this amazing weekend and giving me the chance to see this 'different world' situated in the Netherlands.

If you are interested about further information regarding the region Brabant then I would recommend to you to check out the following link of Visit Brabant:

More information regarding Efteling - Netherland's biggest amusement park - you will find with the link below. There, you also find useful tipps about overnight stays and how to get to Efteling etc.

This trip was sponsored by @visitbrabant. #brabantisopen #visitbrabant


All images by Catherine Gericke Photography www.catherinegericke.com

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