A nice house for a mouse and dirty den for the men. By: Ryan Casey and Tyler

The difference of nature and man

In chapter 1 it starts to describe a peaceful place in nature. In a California range, deep, green pools, and golden foothill slopes leading to the Gabilan mountains where red-tail hawks soar overhead. The California forest pools of green water lined with trees, rabbits and lizards roaming. All soon disturbed by men racing down the path to swim in the pool, or “tramps who come wearily down from the highway”(Steinbeck 2). This is the difference between the world of men, and the world of nature. The world of man is loud, disrespectful and greedy. The world of nature is peaceful and giving.

Life on the ranch

The chapter starts by opening with a description of the bunk house, a long, rectangular building. Inside the walls were whitewashed and the floor was unpainted. In all but one wall where the door was there were small, square windows. The solid door had a wooden latch, and on the walls there were eight bunks, five of them made up with blankets and the other three showing their burlap ticking. Above each bed was an apple box for the workers possessions. There was also the essentials, “soap and talcum powder, razors”.(Steinbeck 17). All of these attempted to make a nice appearance for the newcomers and give them what they needed for their stay. There was a big square wooden table with playing cards and boxes as seats for players to sit on. At about ten in the morning there would be a ray of sunlight that enters the bunkhouse. Although dirty the bunkhouse created a nice secure place for the men to stay when not working.

the Comparison.

In the story Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck creates a huge difference between setting of chapter one and chapter two. In chapter one John Steinbeck creates an environment by a green pool that is filled with trees and animals. The story says, “On one side of the river the golden foothill slopes curve up to the strong rocky Gabilan mountains.” (steinbeck1) This is the setting of the first chapter and where we first encounter man in the story. The 2nd chapter shows that man messes up nature and turns it into something bad. The story says, Georged stepped over and threw his blankets down on the burlap sack of straw that was his mattress.” (Steinbeck18) This is a description of George and Lennie’s living conditions. They are living in a place that man made and is worse than nature.


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