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.....We are just a little bit excited!

Hi there.

No, not just a little bit, we are so excited to be photographing your wedding! We know you guys are going to have the best time ever, and we are going to capture those memories to let you relive each moment, and enjoy the day over and over again. Planning a wedding is no mean feat, and you are probably going to not only have a lot of things to decide and arrange, but also potentially various people to keep happy along the way! We have put together this guide to not only make sure that you’ve got some information and advice you need regarding the photography (before during and after). So have a look through and if you have any questions about your photography, please just give us a shout.

Our Photography Style.

We want you to have the most amazing and enjoyable wedding day, your day will pass so quickly and we will be there to capture as much of it as we possibly can. The majority of our photographs will be natural "in the moment" ones where we photograph your day as it happens. When people do not know they are being photographed, these candid moments make for the best shots. In addition to this we look to find opportunity for some wedding portraiture photographs of just the two of you. With these shots we may give you a bit of direction but don’t like to pose these shots. We are interested in photographing the two of you just being yourselves. This will be as natural as possible. We would look to fit the portraiture time in around your wedding day timings and keep everything running smoothly. Also, if you would like and if possible, we could look to provide you with some, creative images. Taking advantage of evening / night-time lighting conditions mixed together with creative flash and coloured gel tricks of the trade.

We also, if you want them, take group or family / friends photos for you. Our advice would be to keep these shots to a minimum as they can take quite a bit time to arrange and could mean a lot of standing around for you and your guests if you choose to have a lot of these shots.

Volunteer(s) Needed.

We would look for your to identify a willing volunteer who can help with the group & family shots on the day. Someone who knows those people in the group shots and can get them all together for us to save time.

For Us, Time In Your Day Is Key!

All we ask is that you make provision in terms of time within your wedding day schedule for your photographs to be taken as both your family / group shots as well as your wedding portrait photos. The group photos need to be organised and taken without the need to rush them. We also need time for couples photos as we love to take these shots in natural light, if possible.

Also, we would advise that the bride is not last for her hair and make up to be done. Especially if you are wanting any reveal photos doing. We need a bit of time for this as well as some photos of you fully ready before we have to leave and get set up and prepared at your ceremony location.

Bring Plenty.

If you are planning to have a confetti throw make sure you bring plenty with you. (Maybe not as much as Elizabeth & David here), but if you have a decent amount it makes for really good photos, especially when you can see the confetti thrown all around you both. (don't forget to check with your church or venue as to where you are allowed to throw your confetti.

We look forward to being with you from your preparations.

We look to be with you two to three hours before your ceremony is due to start.

Through to the dancing.

And be with you until your first dance, maybe a bit beyond if the dance floor is rocking.

Whatever the weather

Capturing the beauty

The laughter and the love

And those priceless little moments in between.

Pre Wedding Photography Shoot.

If a pre wedding photo shoot is included in your package, we will get in touch about three months before your big day to ask you to have a think about when and where you would like this to take place, these normally happen on a Sunday or on an evening (light and weather permitting). These shoots are very informal and designed to let you see how we work both together and with you. We also love to find out all about how your very exciting wedding plans are coming along. You normally receive between 30 – 50 photographs from this shoot – these will be available for you to download from your own private online gallery about 2 weeks (if not before!) after the shoot.

If your wedding package does not include a pre wedding shoot and you think that you would like to include one just get in touch and we can let you know all about it. Click here to contact us.

To see more photos from pre wedding shoots just click here.

So What Happens Now?

Leading Up To Your Wedding Day.

Around a month or so before your wedding day we will send you an online form with more detailed questions about your wedding (any final balances will also be due at this time). Not only will it include schedules and locations, it will also give you the opportunity to list what shots are important to you and allow you to highlight anything out of the ordinary that we might need to know. There is no need to worry about sending over Pinterest boards or things like that, but if you have specific examples of types of photos you love from our website then please feel free to let us know. Other than that, we totally appreciate that you trust us to approach your day with an open mind, that way we will create photographs that are truly unique and yours!

On your day, try to take as much in as you can. Enjoy every minute, believe us, it really will go so quickly.

Your Day

The key to our photography is knowing that we are there but learning to ignore us! If you find yourself looking at us, look away! It may feel strange at first, but as the hours pass you’ll forget the camera clicks and you’ll get used to it. We take a different approach during portrait sessions and will direct you a little more over that time. But even then it’s really about you being yourselves and capturing your personalities. The shots have to reflect who you are, that way they will be meaningful to you and those close to you! You may wish to consider having a change of shoes if we are going to take photos in gardens or grounds.

Most important - Enjoy your day and try to take it all in! It will really go so incredibly fast! We will be there doing our thing and we hope that we go unnoticed for the majority of the day, if however during the day you think of any photographs you would like us to take then just let us know as its no problem. Also tell your family and friends that if they have any pictures they want us to take – just grab us and ask us – again it really isn’t a problem.

After Your Day

The cake has been eaten (mostly) and the confetti has blown away. What better way to remember your fabulous day than with a bit of a sneak peek of some of your photographs. So where possible, we will look to send you a “sneak peek” as soon as we can. This will be a weblink where you can see the photos. We would love you to share this link with all your family and friends and we (subject to permission), will also upload a post and a link to the your sneak peek photos onto our Social Media sites. If you haven't already done so, follow us on our social media, keep an eye out for your posts and spread the word to family and friends.

"Photographs capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

Your Photographs

We will process your wedding images and once done, arrange to meet up again (via a zoom video call) to allow you to view your photographs. This normally takes four to six weeks, at busy times this could take a bit longer, but we will let you know the processing time scales at the time. As soon as your photographs are ready for you to see, where possible, we will arrange to meet up so you can view your wedding day photographs for the first time. Your wedding photos will be provided as copyright free, digital downloads accessed through your own online wedding gallery.

After you have received your photographs we may then feature your wedding on our website, this story about your day, will include a number of your photographs and possibly a slideshow too. We would link to this from our social media sites as well, and we would love you to share this with your friends. We would also invite you to leave feedback about your experiences with us as your wedding photographers, so that others can see and read all about us and what we do.

Your Online Gallery

We will upload your photographs onto your own secure online gallery. We will let you know all about how to access your gallery and all the password needed to do so. It would be great if you were to share the log in details with your family and friends so, like you, they can relive your wonderful day over and over again. The gallery is where you are able to access your photographs to download them. We will give you full instructions about this when your photographs are ready for you.

We will provide with your very own mobile app. Where you can pick up to 100 of your favourite images which will be linked to your mobile app. This app can be put onto your smartphone or tablet. This way you can easily carry around your favourite images to look at over and over again on your very own personal digital wedding album.

We offer a number of photography products that can be purchased from the gallery with options for digital download, professionally printed photographs, canvases and also wall art. Our photography products are supplied by the same printers that we use for our wedding albums. This ensures that our photography products are of the highest possible quality both in terms of print and also the materials used.

Wedding Albums - Your Memories forever.

Speaking of wedding albums….If you have chosen to have a fabulous wedding album from us, this is really exciting. We will give you full information about your album choices, how you get to choose your wedding album photos and the the design process for your album, when we meet with your photographs.

Of course if your package doesn’t include an album you can always upgrade it to include one of our beautiful bespoke wedding albums. By upgrading your wedding photography package before your wedding day you can take advantage of discounted prices of our wedding albums. We would be happy to provide you with all the information about this, including choices and prices. We make no bones about it - We just love seeing our work, your precious memories, in print.

If you would like to see a bit more about our wedding albums just click the link below.

So - just a few tips / ideas from us that we hope might help.

  1. Make sure that you (the bride) is not last to have hair and make up done.
  2. Have some flat shoes available that may help if you want photos in the gardens of your wedding venue.
  3. Confetti - if you are having some bring plenty.
  4. Have someone in mind who can help us with your family / friend photos.
  5. We will send you a final timings form about a month from your date, please let us know any surprises you have planned - just so we can be ready to photograph it for you.
  6. Finally on your day, it will go so fast, so take everything in and enjoy every last minute x.

We love photographing weddings - We can't wait to photograph yours.

We think that’s it – but if there are any questions about any aspect of your wedding photography, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch. Take care and we are really looking forward to meeting up again soon.

Graham & Bridgit x

If you need to, just click below to get in touch with us.


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