Understanding Myself SeniOr comp final exam

Throughout my high school career, specifically my senior year I have learned a lot about myself as a learner and a student. I know how I learn best, the things I am skilled at, and the things I struggle with as a student. I will use this knowledge to help me get through my college career, and help me in my future workplace.

I learn best when I am in a calm environment, with fewer people than there are in an average high school classroom of about 30 kids. I need one on one help from my teachers, and someone to help keep me on track. I am easily distracted by noises, students, and other disruptions. When I am distracted, I go somewhere quiet and peaceful, and I try to put my headphones in and focus on my work and it usually works. I also learn more when I am doing hands on activities and simulations. I have choose to go down the career path of nursing because it is very interesting to me, and you are always doing something hands on and learning by watching and doing the things you learn.

I struggle in school when am surrounded by a lot of people, and distractions. It is also hard for me to complete assignments when I have a lot of homework for every class I am in because I feel overwhelmed and I can not concentrate because I am worried about how much I have to complete. The worrying causes me to not complete my assignments, which puts me behind causing more worry and problems for me. I have came up with a plan to help me with this problem which consists of making a schedule to plan out my homework. I think that this plan will work for me in college because I will have set times to complete my assignments and only focus one subject at a time.

Senior composition and the other classes I am taking this year have helped me understand that the world will go on without me, and whether I turn in my work or not the class will move on and leave me behind. I have to stay on track and complete all of my work when it is assigned.

Now that my senior year has come to an end I have taken some time to think about how I will take the things that I have learned about myself throughout my high school career and use them to my advantage while I am in college and in my future workplace. Some things that I have learned include the fact that I need to do my assignments and turn them in on time no matter how distracted I am. I also need to find more ways to ease my distractions, and enhance my concentration while in the classroom.

Since I now know these things about myself I can be better prepared to enter college and the work environment. I know the things that I struggle with and the things I am skilled at, and I can use this knowledge to keep myself in check and on track in my future. If I put in my best effort I can overcome my obstacles, and come out on top.

I have learned a lot about myself during my high school career and I will used the things I've learned to my best advantage. I have made a lot of mistakes regarding my education, but I cannot go back and change them. So I just have to learn from them and move on with my life. Never making the same mistakes twice.


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