A sad little hipster girl story welcome bitches!

Hey my babes, this is my new little website and you are so welcome. It's so cute I hope you enjoy. - xoxo not your typical Gossip Girl.

Here's one of my favorite music videos, get some culture on guys.

And here's a little bit of pink because it is the best color and you need more of it in your life.

And there's some music influences you should have. That's all for today, until next time honey.

Created By
Taina Soares Santos


Created with images by Pezibear - "cloves flowers pink" • Muffet - "pink tulip" • cocoparisienne - "tulips flowers spring" • warmhotchocolate - "pink candycane" • netmaru - "pink macaroon sketchbook" • Muffet - "cut watermelon squared circle" • JamesDeMers - "flamingo pink flamingos wading bird"

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