Sweeney Ridge San bruno, ca

280 never looked so good.

We always prefer dirt and soft trails but sometimes when we're short on time and mom still wants to get a workout in we'll take whatever we can get. This trail packs a lot of punch, all things considering.

This is a well trafficked in/out hike, about 3.4 miles if you stay on Sneath Lane to Sweeney Ridge Rd which is entirely paved.

Parking on Sneath Lane is pretty easy. We got there around 10 am on a Sunday and was able to find a spot. Because it's a short trail if you just wait a little bit chances are a space will open up.

Ongoing maintenance - beware of sink holes!

The road winds its way upwards, which means it's all downhill coming back. Make sure your pups paws can take it! Before I go for long walks mom usually puts wax on mine to help protect them. I have big paws!

The road is a gradual incline for the most part, so have no fear! There's only a small part that gets pretty steep. Don't worry, you can do it!

Don't forget to turn around every once in a while for some amazing views.

From South San Francisco all the way to the East Bay and Mount Diablo.

Most of the road is exposed too so definitely make sure to pack enough water for yourself and your pup. There are some shaded spots, and boy oh boy, are they refreshing. Wearing layers is key here.

Almost there...I think I can do it...I think I can do it...I think I can do it...

Are we at the top yet?!

The road flattens out at the top, which you know you've reached because you'll start to see and smell the ocean. There's also benches, a restroom and trash bins at a fork in the road.

There are several additional trail options from the top as well (aside from Sweeney Ridge).

We chose to keep going on Sweeney Ridge Road (which means you continue past the restroom stop on your left; bear right) because mom wanted to check out the old Nike Missile Control Site.

Sweeney Ridge trail is another mile of exposed road.

On the way up we only came across a handful of other hikers but as soon as we reached the Sneath Lane/Sweeney Ridge trail all of a sudden there were tons of other groups and doggies! Where did they come from?! Almost every pup we came across was on leash. In fact, there were a couple encounters where mom also leashed me since it was clear the other pup was still learning how to be friendly, so please use your best judgement, but from what we could tell, at least no one will ticket you. Although, mom did have to leash me at the top since I tried to steal some children's picnic. I'm hungry all the time. 😩

These plants kind of look like my tail 😁

On clear days you can see all the way down to Pacifica

There are eleven Nike Missile Control sites in San Francisco. This one is SF-51.

These were built during the 1950's in fear of a Soviet nuclear attack.

The buildings have long been abandoned but now display an impressive array of graffiti art. I like all the bright colors!

Many people picnic around here (and I'm sure do other stuff) so just be careful that we don't step on anything sharp!

There's a kitty staring at me...

He's standing behind me, isn't he?

You can also keep following Sweeney Ridge trail to its end which will lead you to dirt trails that can take you all the way to Mori Point.

In case you've had enough of the views then you can also check out the graffiti on the railing...you humans sure are interesting...

On another plus side, since there's railing all along Sneath Lane, there's very little room for your pups to run off, except up or down!

Your fur parents want to know:

  • Yes, there's parking (on Sneath Lane)
  • Yes, this is an off leash park
  • No, this is not a fenced enclosure
  • No, there are no doggy (or human) water fountains
  • No, there are no poop bags
  • Yes, there is a trash bin (at the top)
  • Yes, there are benches (at the top)
  • Yes, there is a toilet (at the top)

🐾 Caesar

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