How I got my name? By: Emma Haag

When my mom was a young, at the age when girls loved dolls. My mom had a few of her own. When school was done and chores were finished. Upstairs it was to play with dolls and eeyore.

She would always dress the dolls up for an event of girls night out, with Kool-aid as tea.The little dolls sipped their tea in a royal way. Clumsy old eeyore always split. Putting himself in shame.

Cinderella's ugly step-sisters cleaned up the mess while making nasty comments. During Dinner, the dwarfs always made a great meal. Soup or salad was your choice.

But, there seemed to be a princess at the dining table who couldn’t keep her mouth closed. She was always smiling. But the sad thing was she didn't have a name. One day after a long day at school! The princess was finally given the name of Emma!

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