Policies and Procedures Murphy Academy Covid-19 Reopening

Published: July 13, 2020

Dear Murphy Academy Families,

Please use the information below as a reference point for all questions and concerns regarding our current policies and procedures surrounding health and safety measures for this summer.

These policies and procedures are subject to change as we continue to follow the rules and regulations of Massachusetts guidelines. As we slowly move closer to our “new temporary normal” we do understand that each family has been affected differently by the pandemic. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns, we will be sure to do our best to provide the best possible solution for your dancer.

Reopening Studio Policies and Procedures

In order to prevent the contact and airborne spread of Covid-19 within our studio the following rules and regulations will be required of all teachers, dancers, and families. Following Massachusetts regulations of staying 6ft apart:

  • Class sizes will not exceed 5 students in our studio at one time. The studio is marked 1-5 for dancers to have their own space to prevent student contact.
  • Dancers must wear their mask when entering and exiting the studio. We will not require that they be worn while dancing. If you would like your dancer to keep their mask on, you must email us prior to class.
  • Teachers will be wearing masks during class.
  • Please have your dancer arrive with their soft shoes on to begin dancing promptly.
  • Pick up/drop off will occur outside in the rear of the studio building. Please remain in your vehicle and your dancer will be escorted outside.
  • All dancers must bring their own water bottle as we will not allow any use of the hallway bubblers.
  • Please only pack dancing necessities.
  • Our office space will be a teacher only zone, to prevent close student contact.
  • All communication between teachers and parents/guardians will be done through email.
  • Class times will be staggered 15 minutes to allow staff to properly sanitize the studio space for the next class.

Facility Policies:

  1. Our waiting area outside the studio door will be closed to all dance families.
  2. An air purifier will be used to filter the air throughout the studio.
  3. The studio will be disinfected between every class and at the beginning and end of each day.

How will arriving to the studio work?

  1. All students will need to arrive with their shoes on to minimize the contact of teachers having to tie shoes. All classes will begin in soft shoes, unless otherwise advised by their teacher prior to class arrival.
  2. Please remain in your vehicle until you see a teacher in the rear of the building. Once your teacher waves hello, please drop off your dancer at the back of the studio building with their mask on. We will take your dancers’ temperatures before they are allowed to enter our building. We will be making sure your child’s temperature is below 100℉.
  3. We will then alert you if your dancer is NOT cleared. In the event your dancer is not cleared, we will ask you to bring him or her home. Your dancer will not be allowed to attend classes for 2 weeks. If dancers are cleared, we will escort them into the studio.
  4. There will be hand sanitizer outside and inside of the studio door, each student will be instructed to clean their hands when entering and exiting the studio.

Dancing in the Studio:

  1. The studio floor is now numbered 1-5, each number serves as a dancer's “station” throughout class. These stations are placed 6ft apart.
  2. We ask that dancers remain on their number, unless advised by their teacher for the entire duration of the class.*If you feel that your dancer cannot remain on their spot for the duration of class, please contact us for alternative options.
  3. Once dancers arrive at their station, they will be allowed to take off their mask.

*If you would like your dancer to keep their mask on while in class, please let us know prior to the first class. We cannot enforce that all dancers must keep their mask on in class. If you do not feel comfortable with other dancers having their mask off, we ask that you arrange a one-to-one lesson.

  • Bathroom use during class: Students must wear a mask when leaving to use the bathroom. We will only allow one dancer outside our studio space to use the bathroom at a time. The studio door will be left open, and a teacher will be making sure each dancer walks straight to the bathroom and back. Hand Sanitizer to and from the bathroom will be mandatory.

How will pick up and departure from the studio work?

  1. Dancers will gather their belongings, put their masks on, and stay on their station until called upon by a staff member to escort them outside.
  2. We ask that whomever is picking up your dancer arrives timely for pickups and remains in their vehicle behind the building. If you do not see a spot behind the studio, we ask that you continue to circle around. We will remain with your dancer until their ride is at the studio.

Responsibilities of Dancers, Families, and Teachers

It is extremely important that each dancer and their family continue to practice safe social distancing and respect the safety of those around them. We often call ourselves a “dance family” and we need to ensure that our family stays safe.

As guidelines are updated, we will adjust our policies and procedures to keep your dancer as safe as possible. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding of the policies we have put in place.

We can’t wait to safely get back to dancing.

Kindest Regards,

Bridget, Elizabeth, and Erin


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