CIPD how it can provide value for hr professionals

  • Module title: APSIHRM.
  • Module leader: Aaron Taylor.

Team Mmbers

Hu, Boxin (7571202)
Cardenas Salamanca (5879456)
Lu, Han (7843741)
Mao, Zhenyu (7514036)
Naif Mohammed (4111283)
Shimizu, Arisa (7431663)
He, Jiayue (6320249)
Table Of Contents:
  • introduction.
  • The Professional Map of CIPD.
  • Skills and Career.
  • CIPD International Support.
  • The use of Technology of CIPD.
  • Expectation Management.
  • Conclusion.
  • List of references.

How Can CIPD provide added value to a contemporary HR professionals?

Questions asked to CIPD Staff Members
  1. Should a professional HR be pointed to serve employer or employer’s need?
  2. As IHRM Students How Can CIPD support my future career?
  3. recently in japan, some people think that the company doesn't need HR function because they can use outsource for core roles.
  4. How tell them what is importance of existence?
Adapted from (CIPD 2017).
The CIPD Professions map:

The map defines the constructionblocks of 10 Professional Management Practicesand describes 8 Basic Behaviorsthat support good practices in anyprofessional background.It's a powerful tool, and thousandsof organisations and individuals use itto benchmark and build their competence. (CIPD 2016).

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Skills And Career:

Based in Ruth's presentation CIPD work in the continuous research and CIPD gets information and members experience by following ways:

  • We do surveys, focus groups , externalization and we made different events with all members”… Ruth CIPD
  • “CIPD Is a huge network ...” Ruth CIPD.


  • Responsibilities Multing.
  • Multi-task.

Conflict Management:

  • Addressing grievances
  • negotiation, mediation and patience
  • approach situations


  • Efficiency.
  • Time Management.


  • Liaisons between Employees and other Managers.
  • Clearly, Effectively and Confidently.


  • Keep Information Private.
  • Proper Credentials.
Adopted from (CIPD).
CIPD International Support:

As a professional member of the CIPD, ongoing career support and continuing professional development will be provided by CIPD internationally, with different approaches such as; taking a qualification, attending a course/conference or reading latest research.

Added Value through CIPD Membership:

Adopted from (CIPD 2016).
  • Keeping members up to date.
  • Career support.
  • Network Expanding.
  • Exclusive discounts.

(CIPD 2015).

Adopted from (TLNT).

…“You need to understand the business also understand the people managing and people professional is changing … HR has the value in professionals , …” Richard “You need to understand Business, the communications skills,the theory and the practice is completely different… keep upload…”Richard

  • Value of expectation

Human Resources required… keep updating all Specific capacity for;

  • Recruitment.
  • Development and education.
  • Organisational discipline.
  • Development organisation.

Solution/ Communication ability to;

  • how to supply a solution to management level.
  • how to grab what’s happen between. employees.
  • how to share HR knowledges.

…“We got Skype, we got facetime, for example if they are recruiting somebody in Dubai, we have people here helping with interviewing and HR recruiting helping here…” Richard

CIPD give the oppportunity to present a PRE- ASSESSMENT (30 min.) online to make sure about your qualifications to become a professional member of CIPD

Adopted from (CIPD 2017)

CIPD Career Hub Is a popular source for Learning & Development CIPD community includes:

  • CIPD Carrer Hub
  • Is a popular source for Learning & Development CIPD community includes:
  • Webinars.
  • Workshops.
  • Mentoring.
  • Podcast series in collaboration with CEB (Which are based in new approaches to career management).
Adapted from (CIPD 2016).


Adopted from (CIPD 2017).

CIPD Online Learning

Adapted from (CIPD 2015).

CIPD Online Learning

CIPD TEC Project

Adopted from (CIPD 2016).

The information gained were: primary and secondary research from four aspects:

  • technology (facilities and projects: online learning and CIPD career (Hub).
  • Internationalisation.
  • Expectation (HR expectation and value of expectation).
  • Skill and career (CIPD map, skill and career projects such as conflict management).

Thank you for listening,,,

List Of References:
  • CIPD, (2017) Helping you learn from experience [Online] available from> [Mar 8th 2017].
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