The Hole By:Matt goldburg

“Why did I have to lose Jimmy, my only friend, and now he's gone…”

It was a normal night in the woods and there was a full moon that night. There was a breeze blowing the leaves and the rustling of the leaves rang in your ears. The night was cold and the ground was rock hard maybe just because there were rocks on the ground. We passed a lot of big trees swaying in the breeze and saw animals that were running through the night. Suddenly we heard a wolf. HOWL! We jumped to the sound of the wolf.

But once we saw what we saw, we knew it wasn't a normal night in the woods. We were just so confused when we saw this we both looked at each other and shrugged. Trying to figure it out we tried shining a flashlight down into to see if we can see the bottom but we didn't, “what is that” Jimmy stuttered.My friend Jimmy and I were staring straight in a giant hole in the ground.

When we start lowering ourselves down with a rope when we get down the rope snaps out of nowhere and we have no way of getting back up. But

we continue to move forward. We walked through the cave and then we come to a sudden stop. There is a sign that says, “beware of danger”. We both look at each other as if this was a mistake to come down here. But for some reason I really want to continue on so I keep going and Jimmy follows.

We came to a huge open space with a staircase leading up to a temple like a structure. We climb the temple to see what's on the other side of it.

When we see what's on the other side I thought I was going to pass out with excitement. It was so beautiful to actually see in real life. I've seen it all the time on tv shows the glistening sight of it almost made my eyes go blind. It was a bunch of gold and jewels lying all of the floor but it didn't seem normal it, looked like it was glued to something.

We went over to it, grabbed it and it wasn't glued to something so, we grabbed as much as we can carry and starting walking back to the top of the cave. But all of a sudden this thing jumped down from the top of the cave and roared at us we were petrified with fear the monster was at least 70 feet tall and was the size of two school busses.

We were cornered at the top of the mountain and it was getting closer to us and about to eat us when Jimmy hits it with a bat in the side of the head and it falls down and gets knocked out. “I'm not afraid” screeched Jimmy.

Jimmy looks like a fierce warrior after what he just did and that does not seem like something he would do. I've never seen him like this he must be motivated to do this by something. “Maybe he just really want’s to get out of here? Or he just want’s to stop being afraid of everything and having everything control him?“Let's go,” Jimmy said.

We ran back to where we came in and start climbing out of the hole we get this sudden burst of energy and are out of the hole.

“Let me help you” I said when I turned around Jimmy wasn't there he was gone nowhere to be seen. Why did I have to lose Jimmy, my only friend and now he's gone.

The End

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