Imperialism By:Amelia Atkinson

Imperialism is when a nation or territory gets more power by taking over other parts of the world.

Examples of Imperialism around the world

From the years 1880-1914 was a time called "The Mad Scramble for Africa," it was taken over by many other countries like Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. There was a part of Africa that was independent.
Between 1750-1914 India was controlled by two countries France and Britain. France was in control first then they went to war with Britain and Britain gained control of India. They later called it The British East India Company.
On April 25, 1898 Spain and America went to war, The Spanish-American War, to see who got Cuba. America ended up winning and taking over Cuba for a while.
In 1930 a French army went to Algeria. Their leader, Husayn, realized that his armies weren't any match for France's so he didn't try to fight back and gave Algeria to France.

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