The church that we see is a prophetic worshipping church whose songs reflect such a passion for Christ that others sense His magnificence and power. A distinct sound that emanates from a healthy church, contagious in spirit – creating music that resounds from tribes to great cities and nations.

We see a church that is constantly innovative: A church that leads the communication of a timeless message through media, music, and technology. A church with a message beamed to people around the globe through their television screens, bringing the kingdom into homes, palaces and prisons alike.

We see a church with a world-class school's of the supernatural that raises, equips, and empowers generations of young, anointed leaders from across the globe. Graduates who serve God in all walks of life,

We see a church whose leadership is unified in their commitment to the authenticity, credibility and quality of its heart. Leaders who dare to be themselves, yet live secure in the knowledge that “what they are part of is bigger than the part they play.”

We see like-spirited churches in cities of influence that exemplify faithfulness manifested in bricks and mortar. Churches with supernatural provision of buildings and properties standing as beacons of light that bring glory to God and hope to humanity.

We see a church that loves God, loves people and loves life. Youthful in spirit; generous at heart; faith-filled in confession; loving in nature and inclusive in expression.

Yes, the church that we see is committed to bringing the love and hope of the Kingdom to impossible situations through the preaching of the gospel and a mandate that drives us to do all we can to bring help and solution to a needy world. Whose head is Jesus, whose help is the Holy Spirit and whose focus is the Great Commission.

– Arnold and Sharee Dorsett


Re-present The Kingdom culture to broken communities to see transformation in cities.



Worship: Worship is a lifestyle

Reach: Is what God requires

Connect: Without connection we can't exist

Serving: Serving is leading

Excellence: We always bring our best. Excellence honors God and inspires people

Passion: We choose passion over complacency

Presence: Presence is everything


We believe in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe that the blood of Christ allows us full access to every biblical promise. We believe that through confession and belief in Christ's death, burial and resurrection, we are saved.

We believe in the Holy Trinity, comprised of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. We believe that the Holy Spirit is not only the Power of God but also a dearest friend. We believe that He can be grieved and can also be righteously satisfied when we heed His nudges and promptings.

We believe in the supernatural power of God operating in today’s generation. We believe that partnering in with what heaven wants to do every day will provide the God given experience to see Heaven and earth collide.


Our worship is displayed through living a life of adoration for the Father and LOVE for one another. We radically and constantly pursue the will of the Father with hearts of desperation. City of Love is called to provide a fresh drink for the weary soul and restore a new hope to those who have given up on the idea of “Church”.

We are an equipping house with an apostolic mantle to train and release God’s children into their Kingdom appointed gifts and offices. We are a safe place for people to grow without condemning judgment; a place that provides grace to make mistakes and grow from them.

– Arnold and Sharee Dorsett


Vision for the youth: Re-present The Kingdom culture to broken communities to see transformation in cities.

Vision for worship: Our worship is designed to create an atmosphere for everyone in the room to feel the tangible presence of a living God and have a life changing experience. As we carry out a very unique sound, our passion is to see a global impact through our professional award winning recordings.

Vision for children's ministry: Our children's ministry exist to raise a generation of Jesus Lovers. With bible knowledge, worship in their hearts and, spiritual gifts we believe our children will grow and help change the generations to come.

Media ministry: Our media (Big City Media) is designed to create a new era of site & Sound in the land. Innovating the media in today's church with a marketplace vision, Big City Media will bring true kingdom vision that will empower ministries and businesses across the globe.

Heart for the city: Heart for the city is a ministry that focuses is to feed the homeless and is committed to adopting ways to impact our cities with kindness.

Ministry team: The ministry team is created to release hope, healing, and breakthrough by using there spiritual gifts and discernment at the altar. Carrying compassion in our hearts and love at all times everyone's need will be kept confidential.

Street church: ( Acts project ) Our street church is created to take church to the streets to those who can't make it to the building. With acoustic style worship and messages of hope, we believe many will be saved by giving there entire lives to Christ Jesus that they may have eternal life and experience heaven on earth.

Brides of Christ: Brides of Christ are fully restored prostitutes. Our Street team is fully equipped to rescue and help restore the lives and families of those the enemy used for prostitution in the streets.

Teaching team: Our teaching team is designed to bring forth powerful teachings from milk to expensive meat. Using the word of god, our teaching team will help empower individuals to better understand the word of god. The teaching team is equipped to take you from one level to an out of this experience of interpretation of scripture. We understand foundation is key while at the same time Derp cries out to Deep (Psalms 42:7).

Men's ministry: Mens ministry is designed to empower men to lead there families and communities into a healthy lifestyle by demonstrating gods word in there everyday walk. We believe men will be the role models who are missing in our communities.

Woman's ministry: Woman's ministry is designed to raise a biblically healthy, powerful, and confident women that other woman can model after. Our passion is to show the world that Christian woman are gods gift to the earth and can lead in our own way impacting the earth for the kingdom.

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