Spirits of The Dead this poem could be about the lost spirits telling there story

PARAPHRASE- My soul should find its self alone with dark thoughts of death not the only but all to get in my personal affair in hours of secrets. being silent in the closed space which i wasn't but was with the spirits of the dead that once was alive but died with death around and their shadows surrounds us. the night was clear but upset and the stars not shining down from the night sky but their blazing centers that seemed liked a endless fever. now my thoughts should not disappear but close visions that should from the spirits that shall pass no more like dew drops from the grass. the winds and the mist upon the hills dark but yet unbroken which is yet a symbol unbroken how it hangs high like a mystery of mysteries.

connantation:1st stanza: the authors mood in this stanza is dark he uses imagery by using words that describe loneliness and death like tombstone and dark. 2nd stanza: the authors mood kinda changes talking about hes not alone but with the spirits of the dead all them watching listening to his secrets. 3rd stanza: the author uses personification by giving the night and stars human qualities. 4th stanza: the authors changes his tone like he figured out something he starts to talk about his thoughts but kind of positively.5th stanza: the author went from being dreadful to being grateful and he uses personification and metaphor by giving the wind human qaulities describing it as the breath of god and talks about how the spirits are symbols but also tokens and calls it a mystery of mysteries.

tone: the tone at the begining of the poem was dark and dreadful he talked like he was depressed and sad like he was thinking of something that really hurt him but then when the poem went on he started to take them bad thoughts and started thinking positiviley

shift: the speaker had a lot of shifts he went from being sad but then started to cheer up then he went back to thinking deeply then he went back to being happy


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