Steam Engine by alex borodai

The Steam Engine made the most impact on economic because it made traveling faster and supplied power.

It affected people by made it possible to travel that made it much easier and faster to transfer. It supplied power to factories, homes and etc.

It affected the country with the power the machines in factory in order to work. The steam engine can carry supplies over a great distance in a day.

The change happened in 1769 from Watt James that was used. Watt James wanted to change the steam engine way of working to without it wasting water to cool down the cylinder. The steam engine has affected the North more because supplies are needed and the wars that are happening. It encouraged people to move west with the easy traveling and it going much faster than on foot. It made it possible to bring all the supplies needed faster and easier.

It could supply the power needed to run all the machines in factory. Source:

A steam locomotive could haul heavy loads of freight great distances in a single day. Source:

Later, some of the first automobiles were power by steam. Source:

Throughout the Civil war, railroads enabled the quick transport of large number of soldiers and heavy artillery over long distances. Source:


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