Time Plan Times May 2017

Hello, this edition of the TimePlan Times will cover the recent changes to the shortage occupation lists and it's effect on Tier 2 Visas, the importance of informing teachers that they must speak to Lesters, Indeed; and it's importance, as well as updates on Ascot and our Australia Office.

Shortage Subjects

The government has recently decided to adopt the recommendations of the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), and made changes to the shortage occupation list, which dictates who is eligible to receive a Tier 2 Sponsorship Visa.

The subjects that are now listed as shortage are: ICT / Computer Science, Science, Maths and Mandarin.

If it is of particular interest to you, the full report is available here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/migration-advisory-committee-mac-report-teacher-shortages-in-the-uk

Teachers Must Talk to Lesters ASAP

It is of vital importance that when speaking to teachers coming from overseas that we stress to them the importance of making contact with Lesters whilst they are still in their home countries so they can take full advantage of the relocation package.

They are also able to claim back work & relocation related expenses as tax credit but they must talk to Lesters about this as soon as possible as they are the experts.

Royal Ascot

Our Royal Ascot Social is proving to be extremely popular, especially overseas at University fairs, we do still however have 7 places available! Details below!

"On June 24th we will also be treating our teachers to a day out at the Royal Ascot races. With an offer Exclusively available to TimePlan Teachers and teaching assistants which includes: entrance to the Windsor Ring, a champagne lunch picnic and travel to and from the event via coach all for just £30! Places are almost gone but if you’re fast you might still be able to save a spot. Email Recruitment@TimePlan.net or call 020 8371 8058 to find out more or to book a space!"

Laura's 'Amazing' Story

We have a contribution from Laura this week, with a story about a teacher they helped out:

"We had a lovely gentleman register with us in the Autumn Term 2016 called Yinka. He was very professional and well presented and said that he was looking for a job as a Primary Teacher from as soon as possible. He had been working at Chelsea Football Club for a couple of months in catering and events management and now wanted to get back into doing what he loved- teaching.

Of course, we were very excited to have a Primary Teacher register- particular a male Primary Teacher, who are like gold dust! We immediately set him up with a couple of interviews, one being at a very local school to him. He was successful in both and decided to accept the position at the school closest to him, especially as it was a teacher training school which was perfect for him as he wanted to finish his induction year.

At this stage, we were still obtaining his references and Yinka was unable to start his new position until his references came back. It was at this point, that Yinka decided to open up about his referees. He said he had had quite a difficult time at his last school, who had a very strict 'positive reinforcement' policy. He said his last class were very unruly and didn't respond to this policy and he had a few disagreements with the school for not following the school procedures on behaviour management. He said that the school had failed him on his last term of his NQT year because of his behaviour management, but did keep him for the entire academic year. Yinka told us that he had had trouble continuing in the teaching profession because his last school had given him a bad reference in the past and nobody could see past this. True to his word, his last school replied with a bad reference for Yinka, saying that they would not re-employ him, they are not satisfied that he's suitable to work with children but there have been no safeguarding concerns. Obviously, this raised a few alarm bells and we immediately sought to follow this up with the school. They were incredibly vague in their replies to us when I tried to clarify whether he was in their minds a poor teacher or if, in fact, there were serious child protection concerns, which are very different matters. Time and time again, the school were almost intentionally vague and would not answer my questions directly.

I spoke to Yinka about this situation and he said he was convinced that his last school were trying to stop him continuing in the teaching profession. Whilst this sounds like a far fetched explanation, it was becoming increasingly convincing to me based on how vague the school had been. Yinka fully explained the situation and his explanation was extremely plausible and it did indeed sound like the school were being unreasonable. Following procedures, I spoke with management to see if we would consider using Yinka despite this reference. I also spoke with the school at great length and we came to a mutual agreement whereby they would start him out on timesheets with us to see how he got on.

Fortunately, the school loved Yinka and he got on brilliantly there. Nigel has also been to visit him a couple of times to observe. The school took Yinka on in the beginning of March and we received a call from a tearful Yinka last week to say that he has now passed his NQT year through this school. He was really overwhelmed and happy about this and also extremely grateful to TimePlan for finding him this position and taking a chance on him despite the odds being against him. He popped into see us before school at the end of term at 7am to deliver a box of incredible cupcakes, a card and a mystery package addressed to me. When I opened it, I found a pretty unusual item..... Safe to say it will be displayed proudly to remind everyone how awesome I am!! ;)"


Indeed is the Internet's largest Jobs board acting as a search engine for other jobs boards it scraps ads from other websites, including our own.

This is important for two main reasons, first being that Indeed has massive web traffic and due to this has a massive library of CVs to search through. So it's vital that we make the most of it, so far it's been somewhat neglected and we need to be utilising this resource much more, as much as CV-Library and REED.

The second major point of interest is how job adverts appear on Indeed. We have roughly 240 job ads on Indeed at the moment, they are automatically taken from our website that automatically takes them from STAR. So when we place vacancies on STAR we are also placing them on Indeed.

This is important because we need to ensure the quality of our adverts in both terms of how well written they are and how SEO friendly they are. At the moment, when I get job vacancy numbers I am rewriting them to meet the various jobs boards search engine requirements so they appear in searches, this is impossible to do for Indeed because there is no middle ground. So when writing job descriptions please keep in mind the following advice that Indeed offers which can be found: "F:\Shared\Jobs Boards\Indeed 10 Tips for Creating Top-Notch Job Content.pdf" another thing which this does not mention is keyword density, you should use the job title a few times within the body of the advert. i.e. if you are placing a 'primary teacher' role the advert should contain phrases like, "we are looking for a 'primary teacher" and "qualified candidates will be primary teachers" so that it matches the title as closely and as often as possible without becoming spammy or to the detriment of how the overall advert reads.

A Fond Farewell

Lastly I would like to end by giving a fond farewell to Karen Gamblin, who has just left us after a number of years of service to TimePlan. She is hoping that she can still help Timeplan out at University Fairs in Western Australia, but I hope you'll all join me in wishing her all the best and thanking her for her hard work and Australian teachers she's given us! In the interim Liz is going to be handling Australia primarily with the rest of IRT helping out.

If you have any issues you would like raised in the next edition of The TimePlan Times please give me a call, 1016 or email James.McMorrow@timeplan.net.

Thank You.

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