La Mano Peluda By: Medardo lugo

La Mano Peluda

La Mano Peluda is a urban legend that my grandmother would tell me when I was a little boy. She described the "Mano Peluda" as a hand twice as big as the a average adult hand with a large amount of black hair on it, the nails where long and sharp and she said if it was to scratch you with those nails you would be poisoned by them. The hand belonged to a scary old man who lived in Puebla with his ugly wife. No one in the pueblo liked them because they where thought to be worshippers of the Diablo. One night the man was killed my an unknown force and was found without his hand.

She told me that the hand went after bad boys and girls who disrespected there parents. She told me a story about how one of her brother's sons was a rebellious kid when he was younger and one day he yelled at his mom telling her he hated everyone and that he wished she where dead. That same day a noise woke him up in the middle of the night and he heard something in his room as he sat up to look around he felt something grab him from underneath his bed. At first he wasn't sure what it was but as the hand tightened its grip. He ran out the door screaming for his mom and dad. He then turned around to see if that "thing" (la Mano Peluda) was after him and there it was the hand with no body attached to it standing at the boys bedroom door. My grandmother says that after that night he was never the same. In the sense that he respected his mother and father and never showed anyone disrespect.

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