The Shogun

I am the Shogun. I control the Daimyo and I am the top military leader, although if you ask my friends they'd say I ACT like the top military leader, but of course I AM the top military leader. The Daimyo listen to me because I give them land, but if they don't listen and aren't loyal anymore I take away their land. Many of the Daimyos consider me a lord because I own so many lands. The emperor is my main concern because I have to make him happy. The only reason I have to make him happy is that he's the only one who can control me.

What the Shoguns looked like.
The Shoguns owned many lands on which they let the Daimyo and peasants stay on.

What's funny is that the emperor controls little of my life. I have most control over it, but what sucks is that I have to stop wars that won't stop and if they won't stop I would lose land. I don't want to do that!

The Emperor was the only one who could control the Shoguns.


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