Climate Change Air pollution

Carbon emissions it is the one that effects the most in air pollution.
This picture shows that motor car's are the biggest source of pollutants.We can't really get rid of it, but we can do decrease this problem by using others sources of transport to move from a place to another.

Exposure to air pollutants is associated with low or reduced birth weight, small size for gestational age (SGA). This problem it is affecting around 62 million women that has problems with reduced birth weight.
Different people are working in many ways in how to get rid of air pollution for example Florida Governor Charlie Crist plans on adopting California's tough car-pollution standards for reducing greenhouse gases under executive orders he plans to sign Friday in Miami.
Irvine California had made a pigeon project which consist in monitoring air pollution by using a pollution detector with electronic measuring systems. They drop the pigeons in many places to transmit information, by the with they use a GPS too. This is a really good idea to control and measure air pollution.

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