Canbury School Newsletter 21st May 2021. Issue 235

Dear Families, Friends, Students and Staff

Years 7 - 10 undertake their end of year examinations next week. I know you have all been revising hard, and that is on top of all the other things you are juggling. The best thing about doing them next week is that you can all really enjoy the half term holiday which follows. You are ALL students of the week! Remember, you are the sum of so much more than your exam results, and you are all A*+ students in keeping calm, carrying on and resilience. So this weekend do revise, but also get some fresh air, plenty of sleep, fabulous food and chill time. And remember, everything is a phase and all will be well.

Today the whole school listened to the prefect speeches which were amazing. Each student had a personal story to tell us about their motivation to hold office. They outlined their leadership qualities, past roles of responsibility and participation in school life, their ideas for the future and their willingness to embrace everyone else's contributions to improving the school. All expressed similar skills of listening, compassion, kindness and collaboration. Throughout all of the speeches, and the formal applications previously received, each and every one of the applicants express their love of Canbury School, what Canbury has done for them and how they wanted to give back. They are all wonderful examples of the extraordinary young people who will make their mark next year. Of this I have no doubt.

Voting has already begun! Final casting of votes (online) is Wednesday 4.00pm. Below is the list of prefect roles already awarded. In bold are the students who spoke so eloquently today. Good luck to all of them.

And here's this year's outgoing Head Boy and Girl Max and Ellie.....or should that be Little and Large?!

Next week our Silver Duke of Edinburgh Yr 11 students go out on their practice expedition AT LAST! Good luck to Max, Victor, Seb, Rhian and Evie. And grateful thanks to Mr McGregor and Mrs Veacock for giving up their time to go with them. A little more information follows below.

A special mention too to the Yr 11/13 students, their teachers and LSAs who have worked so hard these last six weeks to collate evidence via assessments for their Centre Assessed Grades. It is nearly over - well done!

Apologies to site manager Mr Fairbrass who I inadvertently "accused" of arriving at work at 7.30am every day in the Newsletter last week. In fact he starts at 7am, and is often here BEFORE that. Maybe we should just get him a little bed in the shed and he can stay overnight and not bother going home at all.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

Morgan, Matthew and Sam S for fabulous behaviour and contributions in therapy group sessions.

Reenie, Elizabeth, Ethan, Sam S, Brendan and Morgan for being focused and producing great work in wellbeing.

Year 8

Jessica for contributions and kind behaviour is a therapy group session.

Chloe, Angus, Layla, Karim and Freddie for their focused approach to learning in wellbeing.

Year 9

Connor, Adam, Hannah, Orlanda and Ross for their hard work on trigonometry.

Peter for excellent effort in his end-of-topic science test.

Izzy for effort in achieving personal goals.

Year 10

Excellent English work from Otti, Harry, Larry and Matthew.

Year 11

Victor for excellent work in the session with Ms Chorazyczewska and Mr Hew this week.

Students for finishing all their additional assessments for Mathematics and their hard work on the financial maths activities that we have been investigating today.

Big clap to all year 11 GCSE English students who have ‘worked their socks off’ to ensure that we have enough evidence to support their grades in every skill area. Well done!


Excellent effort and enthusiasm completing the Spanish revision activities from everyone this week in preparation for their exams next week. ¡Mucha suerte!

Here's Year 11 students, Max, Evie, Armani and Rhian in an English lesson.....there are many ways to improve our English skills.

Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditioners get going at last!

Mr McGregor and Silver DofE team are hoping for a slight improvement in the weather as they head off on their practice expedition after school on this upcoming Wednesday 26th May. The practice expedition is designed to make sure their skills are up to scratch ahead of the qualifying expedition (immediately after half term), and while it is a little shorter, it still sees them spend two nights away from home and putting some serious miles in their boots! Hopefully they don't get quite as lost as the last Silver group did - see if you can spot them in the picture below!!!

Where are the Canbury students?

So for the real thing, the Bronze and Silver DofE-ers are out on the 8th-9th June (Bronze), and 8th-10th June (Silver). If you have any issues with kit, or any other questions please get in touch with Mr McGregor ASAP who will hopefully be able to resolve any issues.

Canbury Summer fair donations please.

As you will no doubt be aware, the Canbury Summer Fair takes place on Wednesday 30th June in the early evening. We are on the look-out for the following please:

  • Chocolate;
  • Bottles (soft and alcoholic - but the latter MUST be handed in personally to the office; and CANNOT be given to your child to bring in. It must be done by an adult, thank you);
  • Good quality books for grown ups and younger people alike;
  • Gorgeous new un-opened stationery, candles, smellies etc;
  • Luxury food items you might find in a hamper;
  • Clean, good quality Canbury School uniform.
  • Any other donated items which you think would sit well at the fair.

It's elementary, dear Mr Batten.

Mr Batten is on a high after the sterling work his Year 7 English students have been doing this week. The task was to create a piece of descriptive writing based on a Sherlock Holmes storyline - "Sherlock Holmes and the Limehouse horror". In fact he was so impressed he asked if he could share their work with us all. So read on!


The large door closed silently, the footsteps of the long metal floor a big sleeping rat in the right corner. Empty boxes in the left. The flickery light casting shadows across the warehouse. Shadows of horse drawn carriages driving past shine right through the window. Bang the door slams behind with an echo. Footsteps of shoes clambering up the stairs.


From the outside the Warehouse is a barren, grey and a boring plot of land. But when you look inside you will find nightmare fuel. Inside this common, dystopian, empty warehouse there is a deadly sumatran rat. 22ft in size, weighing almost the same as a giant adult red wood tree, this rat can kill 50 humans in 50 seconds. Its grey ragged flea filled fur helps it hide in this orwellian and dystopian landscape. When transporters came to move the giant rat it got angry. Bursting out of its poorly made industrial wooden crate it threw a black, blinding gas light at the workers which pierced right through one of their lungs, immediately killing them, the massive rat then trampled and ripped their bodies to tiny shreds. Then the rat was tired and went to bed with an ear bursting thump.

Sam S.

From when you enter the storage, there is a maze of storage shelves and crates that have been shipped from all over the globe. The rat was kept in a small, dark crevice of space which would give any man claustrophobia.

The pipes were visible and leaking and it couldn’t be a suitable or happy work environment. I could hear banging from overhead which presumably, and hopefully, came from the ineffective generator system.

Set design:

For Holmes' living room, the sofa will be placed 3m from the locker room doorway and a singular chair would be placed 2m from facing the sofa and between the furniture will be an oak coffee table. The screen would project looped footage of a fireplace and it will be dimly lit, which will give the audience the impression that the living room is cosy.

For the warehouse, the benches will be facing the audience, sideways, to make them look as if they are storage shelves. Cube objects will be stacked on top of each other and a beige rug will be placed on top to make them appear like crates. The rat will be in a rustic dog kennel and sounds of workmen and ship sirens in the distant will be played.

Required props:

Beige blankets



Fake rat (we're really glad it's fake Sam!)

Sofa And chairs




The warehouse. It was full of light wood crates piled upon each other. The air tasted dry and there were empty shelves across a monotonous corridor - free of colour. At the end of the corridor was a strong door which led to a room with a cage - and within the cage a giant rat. It had yellow fangs and blood-red eyes of malice and hatred which burnt like fire.


You would find a bed, a chair, a clock, a drawer, a carpet and a lantern on the walls and a cigar box. Also a pistol and a rifle and a closet full of disguises. Also some ale and some science experiments and a plate with crumbs. With a massive fireplace. There are so many crates inside the old tattered warehouse . There was also a giant Sumatran rat. Also the place was old and desolate and looked like a place that a poor person would live in.

World of Sport.

The KS3 cohort continued their Mondays discovering some different sporting activities, and this week tackled Gaelic Football (non contact, don't worry!) - a game combining a wide variety of skills including throwing, catching, kicking, agility and speed all rolled into one game. The blue team won the week and take the lead heading into 'Kabbadi' next week - so come back to see who is victorious! Wednesday and Thursday saw the students continue developing their softball and cricket skills - this week the softballers were let loose facing actual pitches from Mr Barnes. There were home runs aplenty and loads of improvement across all the groups. Marks deducted from Mr McGregor as he forgot to get any shots of the cricketers in action - something he needs to try harder on next week!