Bilingual Benefits The importance of learning a second language

To many of us it is easy to communicate when we are ordering our food, asking a question, and visiting with friends, but what if it wasn't that simple because of a language barrier? For those who of us who grew up with English being our first language we didn't have to deal with the uncertainty of whether or not you were getting your point across, but for those who are still learning English as their second language they have to deal with not being sure they are really being heard.

The bridge you can walk across before you reach the border to get to Progreso, MX.

Throughout my research I focused on Spanish speakers because I was able to find the best information when I focused on one language and that is the most common second language in the community that I live in. My community helps me create, sustain, and use my literacy because I am learning more and more about bilingual literacy aspects when I am able to practice my knowledge of the Spanish language when I am ordering food at a Mexican restaurant and I have to speak Spanish.

Walking across the river to get to our church in Mexico.

The church I was raised in is a Hispanic church so I am able to compare the Spanish to English when there is a song being sung in Spanish and also in English. This also takes place when a pastor speaks Spanish and has someone translate what he says to English.

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