News Making Highlights, 1996-2021: U.N. University's Institute for Water, Environment and Health, Hamilton, Canada Significant scientific discoveries and policy-relevant findings during UNU-INWEH's 1st 25 years of service, as presented by Canadian and world news organizations

UNU-INWEH is a U.N. body dedicated to global water issues

Media worldwide have often helped communicate UNU-INWEH's scientific and policy-relevant discoveries and insights to the general public and important decision-making audiences worldwide

With thanks to the hundreds of reporters and thousands of news editors, below are news making highlights from UNU-INWEH's first 25 years

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12 Oct 2021

Media coverage

"Acclaimed Hamilton-based UN think-tank celebrates 25 years studying water security"

14 Jan 2019

News release: "U.N. warns of rising levels of toxic brine as desalination plants meet growing water needs"

Example media coverage:

"Too much brine? Study highlights growing toxic brine problem"
"The World Can Make More Water From the Sea, but at What Cost?"

22 Jan 2021

News release: "Ageing dams pose growing threat: UN"

Example media coverage:

"UN warns most will live downstream of ageing large dams by 2050"
"Ageing dams in India, US, other nations pose growing threat: UN report"

1 Oct 2021

News release: "New UN Mapping Tool Reveals Global Floods Since 1985 to Aid Disaster Planning, Especially in the Global South"

Example coverage:

"Earth's floods mapped: UN develops an interactive tool that reveals street-level resolution maps of floods worldwide since 1985"
"New Online Tool Offers Up-To-Date Maps Of Floods Worldwide"

3 Feb 2020

News release: "Vast amounts of valuable energy, nutrients, water lost in world’s fast-rising wastewater streams"

Example media coverage:

"Reaping resources from sewers"

5 Sep 2013

News release 2 headline: "Rising use of wastewater in forecast but world lacks data on ‘massive potential resource’"

Example media coverage:

Agencia EFE, Spain / Latin America (world's 4th largest newswire): "Informe señala aumento del uso de aguas residuales tratadas en todo el mundo"

3 Nov 2015

News release: "Vast energy value in human waste"

Example media coverage:

"Burning humanity’s poop could yield up to $9.5 billion"
"What waste: human excrement can fuel developing world"

14 Dec 2006

News release: "Experts advise world policies to cope with causes, rising consequences of creeping desertification"

Example media coverage:

"Future refugees will flee climate impact"
"Droughts to set off exodus"

28 Oct 2014

News release: "World losing 2,000 hectares of farm soil daily to salt damage"

Example media coverage:

"Salt of the Earth"
"UN urges salt-damage solution to reduce threat to crops"

15 Sep 2015

News release: "World loses trillions of dollars worth of nature's benefits each year due to land degradation"

Example media coverage:

"Damaging the land we live on is costing humans trillions every year"
"Land degradation costs the world up to $10.6tn a year, report says"

27 Jun 2007

News release: "Desertification: UN experts prescribe global policy overhaul to avoid looming mass migrations"

Example media coverage:

"Likely Spread of Deserts to Fertile Land Requires Quick Response, UN Report says
"Desertification threat to global stability: U.N. study"

29 May 2019

News release "Flow water research and education more towards developing world: UN University"

Example coverage

"Developing nations need focus on water research: UN"
InterPress Service newswire: "Water Research & Education Needs to Flow Towards Developing World"

6 Feb 2010

News release "Water experts of 26 UN agencies meet in Canada, plan coordinated response to looming crisis"

Example media coverage:

"Water at core of climate change impacts: experts"
"Experts arrive at Mac to tackle water crisis"

3 Mar 2018

News release: "Canada in the global water world: A UN analysis of capabilities"

Example media coverage

"UN Analysis Looks at Canadian Water Capabilities"

27 Feb 2011

News release 2: "Canada's role grows amid looming world water shortages in some places, more flooding in others"

Example media coverage:

Agence France Presse: "Scientists warn of water woes"
"Canada called on to be a global leader on water: panel"

10 Sep 2012

News release: "Former world leaders call on UN Security Council to recognize water as a top concern"

Example media coverage:

"Former world leaders sound alarm on global water crisis"
"Twenty more 'Niles' needed to feed growing population-leaders"

18 Mar 1999

News release: "Unsafe Water: 3.3 Billion Illnesses and 5.3 Million Deaths Yearly Price Tab for Safe Water $50 to $105 Per Person"

Example media coverage:

"WATER: UN Agencies Warn Of Bleak Future Without Action"
"Water: Not A Drop To Drink; Nearly a billion people in 50 countries live with severe shortages. What can the world do?"

22 Mar 2013

News release: "'Water Security': Experts propose a UN definition on which much depends"

Example media coverage:

"Water as vital to national security as defence, U.N. says"
Deutsche Presse Agentur: "UN offers new definition for water security"

22 Feb 2015

News release: "Achieve international water goals to preempt looming conflicts born of desperation: UN"

Example media coverage:

"Ending subsidies, water sector graft key for global development- UN"
Agencia EFE, Spain: "La ONU advierte de conflictos causados por la grave escasez futura de agua"

22 March 2019

News release 2: "UN University debuts online tool to help nations meet 2030 goal: Clean water, sanitation for all"

Example coverage

Newswire, Madrid: "La Universidad de la ONU lanza una herramienta online para alcanzar la meta de agua limpia y saneamiento para todos"

22 Jan 2021

News release: "Ageing dams pose growing threat: UN"

Example media coverage:

Agence France Presse: "World's ageing big dams pose 'emerging risk': UN"
"UN warns most will live downstream of ageing large dams by 2050"

19 Oct 2008

News release: "Providing toilets, safe water is top route to reducing world poverty: UN University"

Example media coverage:

"UN study says toilets can help combat poverty"
"Better water, sanitation keys to easing poverty: U.N."

News release 2: Sanitation investment in poor countries would yield $9-to-1 benefits in productivity, health: UN

Example media coverage:

"Better sanitation has huge economic spin-offs: U.N."
"Cleaning Up the World's Sanitation"

14 April 2010

News release: "Greater access to cell phones than toilets in India: UN"

Example media coverage:

"More cell phones in India than toilets: UN report"
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, 20 Sept. 2012: "There are many countries in the world today where there are far more mobile cell phones than toilets. That is a gap that we certainly should be able to close."
Matt Damon, CNN: 19 Nov 2013

23 Dec 2014

News release: "Vulnerability to dengue virus: UN University publishes 1st global maps"

Example media coverage:

"Risk of dengue increases due to climate change, city growth: research"
Agencia EFE, Spain: "Investigadores de la ONU crean mapa global de vulnerabilidad al dengue"

2 Sep 2016

News release: "Experts warn booming seaweed industry"

Example media coverage:

"Booming Seaweed Farming Exposes Producers and Environment to Risks, Experts Warn"
"Seaweed farming, a sudden slimy success, needs greener rules-UN"

4 June 2008

News release: "Coastal management cooperation, enforcement key to avoid pending crisis for millions: UN experts"

Example media coverage:

"Scientists warn of coastal ecosystem destruction if management not improved"
"Ocean coasts in grave danger, Hamilton-based think tank says"

28 July 2011

News release: "Ongoing global biodiversity loss unstoppable with protected areas alone: Study"

Example media coverage:

"Environment: The case against protection"
"Biodiversity On Earth Plummets, Despite Growth in Protected Habitats"

14 Nov 2012

News release: "Preserve the services of mangroves — Earth’s invaluable coastal forests, experts urge"

Example media coverage:

"Mangroves under threat from shrimp farms: U.N."
Agencia EFE, Spain: "Científicos advierten sobre la consecuencia de destrucción de los manglares"

31 Nov 2019

News release: "UN University compares technologies that remove arsenic from groundwater

Example media coverage

"Only five water arsenic removal technologies reach WHO standard: Study"
"Arsenic in groundwater – no silver bullet"

1 Oct 2015

News release: "Water problem hotspots demand effective new approaches to international cooperation"

Example media coverage

"Govts must cooperate more in water 'hotspots' to prevent conflict-UN University"
Agencia EFE, Spain: "La ONU advierte sobre problemas de saneamiento en los países latinoamericanos"
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