Wind turbine Malou

- Section 1

In many years, we will have more of this world, which is why we are finding new ways to produce renewable energies. Like wind turbines, the purpose of the project is to see how they work, how can they be used. We need energy to live, but the ones we use the most are non-renewable, but why? Because they are cheaper, easier to transport but they polish enormously the planet. There are 4 non-renewable energies the coal, natural gas, fuel and nuclear energy. (Once they are used up, they will not be restored). But there are also renewable energies that can be reused like the sun, the hydro and the wind. The big problem is that they cost more than fossil fuel, that's also why fossil fuel has been more successful.

For our wind turbine we tried not to make round blades but we made a rectangular shape to catch and push the wind out of the blades.

Section 2: Quantitative Data
Section 3: Paragraph

Wind is caused by the sun’s heating of earth. The kinetic energy of wind can turn the blades of a windmill. Afterwards a wind turbine changes the kinetic energy of the air into electricity by turning a generator. When wind spins the rotors make kinetic energy,then the electrical energy travels into a machine that turns into electricity. Finally power lines carry the electricity to the city where people need electric power for light and heat. This is how the wind turbines work.


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