First Steps Journey Log II

What makes someone a monster


Initially I had planned to write about Dexter Morgan again, from the TV drama Dexter as he is a psychopath who always contemplates if he is a monster are not as I thought his reflections would prove a worthy dissection for this assignment. But alas, someone in class shouted out this idea and thus is it ruined. Kind of annoyed to be completely honest. My next thought of a what to analyze in relation to what makes a monster came from a tv commercial about an upcoming horror movie called Split pictured above. This movie plays on the fear of someone who has multiple personality disorder in which they have many different alter egos, some good, some bad, and some dangerous that the host Kevin is unable to control. Although this is just a current popular movie I want to discuss the real disease. Multiple Personality Disorder or MPD is one of the most controversial psychiatric disorders, with no clear consensus on diagnostic criteria or treatment. Research on treatment efficacy has been concerned primarily with clinical approaches and case studies but psychologists have found no real cure for the disease. Using wikipedia I read taht people who suffer from MPD can never remember things they did in there alter egos. In that case if someone who suffers from MPD kills someone while in there alter ego are they liable for that action? Culturally I would say we believe the person who takes the life of an innocent is guilty and has some sort of "monster" even. A real darkness inside them that compelled them to do such a horrible deed. But what if that dark passenger inside was truly uncontrollable. Is the person in which it inhibits truly a monster. In a NJ hudson article I read about a case in which a person with MPD killed 3 family members in a horrific incident and couldn't remember any of it. I understand that some people may use MPD as a legal ploy but in this instance both the prosecution and defense agreed it was an evil alter ego of the defendant that murdered this family. So that question in asking becomes, does this make this person a monster, or a victim? Can anyone truly be a monster over something they inherently have no control over?

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What makes a villian

I always found a distinct different between a Villain and a Monster. A monster to me was always someone inherently evil from day one. Someone or something that was compelled to cause harm and pain to innocent people with no remorse is a true monster in my opinion. Now a true villain in my opinion is someone who chose to become this evil being. That after all the struggles they faced they have now turned to the dark side by reiterating to themselves any plausible reason to do horrible things. In my childhood one villain always stuck out more than others by how he was a good guy turned bad. Harvey Dent from Batman or better known as Two Face was badly damaged on his left side of his face causing him an unsightly appearance. Now we could go into how this happened and argue based on the comic books or movies but I'm more concerned with why he chose the path he did after his unfortunate accident and more specifically why that makes him. For the sake of time I will use the movie version cited from wikipedia where batman saved him instead of his lover (who batman was in love with) and as they escaped oil Harvey Dents face was igniting by the proceeding explosion. After Dents tragic loss he was spoken to by the joker and convinced to be evil. Personally I believe we are all in charge of our destiny. You make decisions based on the things you truly want. I also read another article on Wikia where it stated Two Face has a problem facing his problems and thats why he uses the coin to let "fate" decide itself in a way to feel less villainous when he does his evil deed. You truly have to consider the distorted thought process of someone who is so evil but believes it is not some doing this dark deeds but Destiny's choice.

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