William Shakespeare by: Noelia Tovar Per.6

Thesis: Shakespeare influenced the world through his early, middle , and last years.

Early life

Quote 1: "Shakespeare’s poems and plays show a love of nature and rural life. This display undoubtedly reflects his childhood experiences and his love of the Stratford countryside"(Lander).

Commentary 1: In this quote Shakespeare shows how his early life was not studying all the time but also displaying how shakespeare's childhood experiences reflected on his work.

Commentary 2: This quote is important because it explains how shakespeare's poems were develop.

Quote 2: "By 1569, traveling companies of professional actors were performing in Stratford"(Lander).

Commentary 1: This quote demonstrates how william grew up in an environment that affected his work greatly.

Commentary 2: It relates to the thesis because it displays how actors were performing and it may have been that impression of performances that real affected shakespeare.

Quote 3: "In this school William would have read ancient Latin works by such authors as Ovid, Virgil, Plautus, and Terence"( shakespeare William ).

Commentary 1: The quote shows how William read ancient latin works by famous authors at the time for example "Terrence".

Commentary 2: This quote is important because it demonstrates some of Shakespeare's advanced reading in school therefore affecting his career later in life.

Middle life

Quote 1: ''Shakespeare throughout 1599 began to write works of increasing complexity, challenging his audiences to pay attention to him rather than to the easy-listening plays of his rivals''(Worsley).

Commentary 1: In this quote around the time 1599 Shakespeare career was just beginning. It shows how shakespeare's put a lot of effort into his plays and made the audience pay close attention to clearly understand the story.

Commentary 2: This relates to the thesis because it is an important part during Shakespeare's middle life.

Quote 2: ''...his only son, Hamnet, died at the age of 11...his grief can be detected in King John (written later in 1596), in the words he gave Lady Constance, a mother frantic at the loss of her son, Arthur''(Ravilious, Kate)

Commentary 1: The quote shows that Shakespeare's real life problems during his middle life affected his writing because as it is shown in the letter his grief of his son's death.

Commentary 2: This quote relates to the thesis because Shakespeare's influenced the world with kings john letter by expressing how he felt.

Quote 3: "Throughout the 1590’s, Shakespeare’s reputation continued to grow. From 1594 to 1608, he was fully involved in the London theater world"(Lander).

Commentary 1:This quote is important because it tells when Shakespeare's career was just being to earn a reputation for himself.

Commentary 2: This relates because it explains when Shakespeare began to become something of himself and continued to grow.

Quote 4: "...historical documents, a picture emerges of a man who wanted to exude wealth and prominence in the community. Shakespeare had recently gained gentleman status"( Ravilious Kate).

Commentary 1: In this quote William starts to gain gentlemen status in London and a wealth and prominence in his community.

Commentary 2: The quote can relate because it demonstrates how shakespeare's starts to gain his status.

Last years

Quote 1: "He gained a reputation as a playwright and actor, and when he retired in 1613 he had made major innovations in all the dramatic forms of the Renaissance period"(William Shakespeare).

Commentary 1: In the quote it states that shakespeare retired in 1613 but before he retired shakespeare earned his reputation in london as an actor and also as playwright.

Commentary 2: This statement relates to the thesis because it shows how william became to be and how he expressed innovations in a dramatic form.

Quote 2: "Shakespeare was the sole author of only three plays—Cymbeline,The Tempest, and The Winter’s Tale...some scholars argued that The Tempest, written about 1610, was Shakespeare’s last play. Such a theory was encouraged by the presence in the play of passages that sound like a farewell to the stage"(Lander).

Commentary 1: In this quote during Shakespeare's last year's tells that his last play he had written was "The Tempest'' in 1610 and how he pursued his dream through hard work, and 3 sole plays.

Commentary 2: This relates to the thesis because Shakespeare influenced the world with his plays and poems for almost his whole life.

Quote 3: "Shakespeare had written thirty-seven plays, including such master pieces as Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Othello..."(Anderson, Robert).

Commentary 1: This quote is important because it shows how much work and time Shakespeare has put into his career throughout his life.

Commentary 2: This quote relates to the thesis because it demonstrates how he lived his life and how much effort he had put into his career to influence the world.

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