Marriage is Good By: Payton Selby

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Duke University Health Center conducted a story that found marriage has health benefits. Those who marry more than twice have a shorter life span.


MSU Sociologist, Hui Lui, rearched the rise in cohabitation. She pointed out that people believe cohabitation and marriage the the same, but cohabitation led to a shorter life span. However, not every long-term marriage is a good thing because some can cause high levels of stress.


Dr. Harry Reis, co-editor of the Encyclopedia of Human Relationships, desegived marriage as "people who fall in love say it feels wonderful and agonizing at the same time, but all those ups and downs can be a source of stress."

Less Depression and Fewer Mental Health Problems

Marriage not only protects physical health but also mental health. A U.S. study found that mental health improves consistently after marriage, but after devorice it rapidly gets worse.


Couples who marry are less likely to develop pneumonia, cancer, or heart dieseases. They are also less likely to develop BMD, which decays bones over time.

More Money

Marries men early 10%-40% more money than single men. They are also more likely to receive promotions and be accepted by co-workers. Married couples are likely to save for future goals.

Widowhood Effect

It is commonly found that one spouse will soon die after the other. This effect is based on studies shown that those left without their spouse are lonely.

Police Each Other

Women are more likely to boss their husbands around, reminding them of doctors appointments and chores. Women also are more likely to become more stressed due to the housework and child care needed.

Powerful Support System

Marriage is a powerful creator and sustainer of human and social capital for adults and children. This is as important as education when it comes to health, wealth, and well-being of not only families but also a community.


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