My Experience of The Divine by Blake Hutchins

My Spatial Experience

A shot of the front of the Constans Theatre just before I entered it

When I first entered the auditorium, I immediately experienced feelings of amazement and wonder at all of the neat sculptures and lighting. I was filled with curiosity at the beds and the giant window in the background as I found my seat. My seat was far to the right giving me a bit of a skewed angle, but I didn't mind, and I doubt that having a different view would have changed my experience. When the lights dimmed and the audience quieted, I felt excitement for the story to come. It had been a while since I've seen a live performance. The auditorium was fairly large, and it made me aware of how many others were going through this experience. It made me wonder about their thoughts. Different places can physically give us different perspectives. They allow us to see the world in different ways. The mastery of all of these different places, all of these different perspectives, may be one of the keys to achieving the good life.

My Social Experience

A shot of Sarah and I as we wait to enter the theater

I attended the performance with my good friend Sarah. We prepared for the performance by taking a few pictures together, reading about the play and it's actors, and discussing how we thought the play was going to be and the overall moods that we thought the actors would give off. Attending the performance with Sarah enhanced my experience because it allowed me to see new ideas about the performance after the play. Discussing the events and what we thought of them both gave me a new perspective and allow me to further think about and refine my own perspective. Finding and understanding new perspectives helps us reach the good life, and one of the simplest ways to find new perspectives is by listening to others and trying to understand their thoughts and feelings.

My Cultural and Intellectual Experiences

A shot of me next to one of the fascinating sculptures after the performance

The performance gave me a new way to see the lower/working class and the difficult decisions they have to make. It also allowed me to see why Christianity and Theater tend to persecute each other. Taking place in Quebec City during the early twentieth century, the performance covered a couple major issues. They explored both conflicts between Christianity and Theater, and the conflict between justice and forgiveness for the greater good as experienced by members of the lower class. I knew that Theater had a history of being persecuted by almost all major religions and that it was once commonly seen as disgraceful. I also learned about how horrid the conditions of factory workers were during that period of time, and I've heard many stories of pastors being caught committing the worst of sins. I'm both a devoted Christian and an actor, so it was very interesting for me to see them conflict. Though I know have a better understanding of why they did.

My Emotional Experience

A shot of me walking down the hall after the end of the performance

The performance contained many hilarious scenes, especially ones involving Michaud played by Jake Lesh, but I often found myself at the verge of tears. I felt great empathy and sorrow for both Talbot and Leo. Hearing about the pain Talbot had to endure and understanding why he endured it made me want to find a way out of that mess as badly as Michaud wanted to. It also made me sick to see the innocent Leo dying from the great injustice dealt on the working class. During the Talk Back, I felt comfort and a sense of longing because I've been a part of callbacks before. Seeing them discuss how much work they had to put into the performance and how they had to go along with whatever part was given to them made me feel concerned with how demanding and unforgiving theater can be. Finally, I felt content when they mentioned that theater was their lives and not just a hobby because I remember feeling the same way.

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All five pictures I've used, including the title page, were taken by either me or Sarah with our phones.

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