Tour of the Harn Museum allyson leff

When I toured the Harn Museum, I realized the significant difference between viewing artwork on the computer and in person. One of the artworks that I saw that helped me notice this was the Toshiko Takaezu. Viewing this in person helped me appreciate the work so much more because I was able to pay close attention to the small details of it. Also, I was able to see the small cracks and residue on the piece which reminded me of how old this piece of art was. What I found interesting about it was the shape and how the artist chose to paint it. Usually, artwork that is brightly colored or nicely painted is what catches peoples attention but I was drawn to this artwork because it didn't have those qualities. The lack of color and pattern is what intrigued me because I appreciated the artists technique at taking an unconventional route to success in his artwork. The artwork made me feel relaxed and appreciate artwork that is subdued a lot more than I would have before.

A major aspect of my experience at the Harn Museum was the design of the museum itself. The specific wing and exhibit I went to encouraged me to appreciate the artwork in it so much more because of all the aspects the designers put into creating the wing itself. The lighting, the windows, and the placement of all the artwork contributed to my experience viewing the art as a whole. The exhibit itself kept me at a relaxed state throughout my entire tour and made me feel happy as I was continued on. The sun coming in from the numerous windows all around the wing was the most important aspect to me because it allowed me to see how strategically the artwork was placed in order for the light to hit it at the perfect angle. The designer of this wing of the museum made such good use out of the space and all resources and it really enhanced my experience at the museum.

This piece of artwork appealed to one of my core values, love. That's because when I first looked at it I immediately saw the two middle figures hugging and the top figures looking like they are singing to each other. Love is a core value of mine that is important to me and at the Harn Museum I noticed the "love" aspect in many different pieces as well. The artist put the two figures in the middle to show that they are the focus of the piece and maybe implying that love is also a focus. I viewed this piece of artwork as a symbol of love but it may have appealed to different core values for other people. That being said, this artwork helped me believe that if love is an important core value for someone they can see it in anyone or anything.

Immediately after I saw this piece of art in the Harn I thought of the Good Life and one of the themes we have recently discussed. This artwork reflects the theme of celebrating. It conveys the theme of celebrating by having a lot of different elements and colors that don't necessarily match but makes the piece a whole. It includes music notes, stars, and other unidentifiable objects that all contribute to how the good life is made up of a lot of different things for different people but when it all comes together grants you the good life. This piece of artwork helped me to understand the theme of celebrating in the good life much better by showing me the array of different objects coming together and looking great; which essentially is a celebration.


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