CIDUP Newsletter April 2017

Hello, CIDUP teachers. Welcome back to another instalment of our CIDUP Newsletter for April, our Easter edition.

I have received lots feedback from a lot of you and I truly appreciate your input. I would like you all to know we are continuously working towards making this idea (along with all other CIDUP ideas) better and beneficial for all of you.

Stay tuned for more updates and improvements!

José Luis Díaz A. - Academic Coordinator (Editor) -

  1. Getting to know CIDUP's Outsourcing Area - by Estela Pillichody
  2. Academic Quality Management - by Sachie Kanashiro
  3. Do you want to become a Cambridge English Examiner? This is your chance!
  4. News & Events
  5. Birthdays

Getting to know CIDUP's Outsourcing Area

By Estela Pillichody

Hello everybody!

I am very grateful for having been given the opportunity to introduce you to the CIDUP Outsourcing Area. I have been in charge of this area since February 2015, and it is still amazing to realise all the things we have learned and shared.

Our 2017 programmes are being kicked off in our clients´ premises. But, what does the CIDUP Outsourcing Area do?

This is Outsourcing?

We have the great responsibility to transfer our teachers, programmes, methodology, resources, evaluation system and projects to a wide range of educational institutions like schools, Language Centres, Universities and the Armed Forces Academies.

Army Academy in Chorrillos

We are always willing to achieve our goals and to pass on the CIDUP and UP culture to them. Through it, we can make the CIDUP Vision and Mission come true.

This cannot be possible without the invaluable, professional and outstanding job that our 10 team leaders and over 80 professional teachers do every single day, handling about 2,500 students.

Outsourcing team

I love calling them “the Outsourcing - Off Road Teachers!.”

Offload teacher in action

They are ready to overcome any unpredictable situation wherever they are appointed or come up with creative ideas outside the box when, for instance, technological devices are not working properly as they always do in our two CIDUP branches.

The main and most difficult job is to align two institutions signing a contract to get the best out of each other. In our case, this is achieved through continuous visits to our clients and endless meetings, not only with the authorities, but also with our teachers and students. We also train our teaching staff and create awareness of the students´ profiles, according to each institution, carry out systematic class observations and implement precise end-of cycle teacher performance assessment along with rich and effective positive feedback to our teachers. At the same time, this is achieved through the help and support provided by our clients that expect the highest quality service.

Due to this, fortunately, we have started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have started to harvest the fruit of all our work, passion and dedication.

Training session @Miraflores

I am looking forward to having the same positive impact, not only on the different institutions we work with, but also on each and every teacher who has taken on the challenge of working in the Outsourcing Area.

Estela Pillichody - Academic Coordinator

Academic Quality Management

By Sachie Kanashiro

Language Teaching Professionalization at CIDUP

This year will be especially devoted to Language Teaching Professionalization at CIDUP. That is why the Academic Quality Management area has launched a special program that aims at providing continuous training, follow-up and feedback to our teaching staff.

The first of the four program stages is the conduction of a diagnostic that will provide us with the necessary data to set specific objectives for the institution and the teaching staff (second stage). This valuable information will also help us organize the training sessions that, as part of the third stage, will start in April.

So far, 89% of the teachers convened have attended the diagnostic sessions. We will be holding the last session on April 4.

The data collected up to now reflects the following:

1) 41% of the attendees would recommend new teachers working at CIDUP to plan their lessons well in advance; while for 31% punctuality would be the best recommendation.

2) While 44% of the teachers that took part in the diagnostic sessions consider CIDUP teachers’ performance in class as the most important evaluation criteria, 31% place class preparation on top of the list.

3) When asked to evaluate how innovative a new teacher is, 83% agreed that the use of technology would be their first evaluation criteria. For 65%, on the other hand, the teacher’s performance in class would best to show how innovative he/she is.

This is an overview of the information we gathered during the working sessions conducted. We are now carrying out a more in-depth analysis of the data in order to prepare the most suitable training sessions and organize the monitoring stage that will lead us to achieving the goals set for the professionalization program.

Sachie Kanashiro - Academic Coordinator

Become a Cambridge Speaking Examiner!

We are currently looking for new Speaking Examiners for the Cambridge English Exams.


To ensure that the background, experience, language competencies and inter-personal skills of applicants meet the minimum eligibility requirements for a given examination or group of examinations.

We welcome your PRE-Nomination Form to become an examiner if you have:

  1. Education to first degree level or a recognised language teaching qualification.
  2. KET, PET, FCE, CAE: proof of substantial, relevant, recent teaching experience with teenagers, young adults, and adults.
  3. For the Young Learners English tests (YLE): applicants should have recent experience of teaching children.
  4. Overall language proficiency relevant to the examination level.
  5. At least 2 years of good teaching performance at CIDUP.
  6. NOT be an examiner with current status for another Centre.
  7. Recertify as Speaking Examiner.
  8. Certify other levels (complete and submit the supplementary nomination form attached to this mail)

Should you have the aforementioned requirements we invite you to contact us at the following emails:

Maria de la Lama:

Eliana Cochas:

The deadline for submission is Monday, April 24th



Keep yourself informed!

1) CIDUP's Annual Congress is coming!

Following up on last year's successful Annual Congress, this year's promises to be bigger and better. In order to make that happen, you will all be receiving our usual "Call for Paper" form. Start thinking about your presentations... we are counting on you!

2) Thank you for your donations!

As part of UP's effort to help those in need due to the emergency situation brought by el Niño phenomenon, a great deal of donations were collected and sent by CIDUP.

Thank you all for your help!

3) Tots, Juniors and Young Adults classes have begun!

It is April already and our Children's programs have returned to their regular Saturday schedule along with the usual workshops! Please, make sure you tell your Coordinators that you are available to teach these courses!


Let's say Happy Birthday to those CIDUP teachers who are a year wiser in April!

  • Alessandra Ciardello - April 1st
  • Sheyla Jarufe - April 1st
  • Yves Salas - April 2nd
  • Carmen Vidaurrázaga - April 5th
  • Cristina Díaz - April 5th
  • Diego Maradiegue - April 5th
  • Ronny Christel - April 6th
  • Elizabeth Silva - April 9th
  • Ricardo Tume - April 12th
  • Cesar del Castillo - April 15th
  • José Luis Díaz - April 15th
  • Katya Corzo - April 17th
  • Fiorella Ratto - April 17th
  • Martín Loayza - April 18th
  • Nadhia Briceño - April 19th
  • Willy García - April 20th
  • Milagros Schabauer - April 22nd
  • Marcela Chávez - April 23rd
  • Luis Campos - April 23rd
  • Luis Sanchez - April 29th
  • Miryam Santos - April 30th
  • Susana Vásquez - April 30th
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