Modern Pepper Moth Evolution By Kayla Mitchell

The Peppered Moth has adapted to alter in coloration based on natural selection and environmental shift.

The Peppered Moth's adaptations were first discovered in the 1950's, as coal smoke darkened the surfaces of trees in England; Light colored moths (That were far more common than Melanistic) in the past hid among the Lichens and bark, however after coal smoke effected the environment, the light colored trees turned dark, and much of the Lichens died. The melanic moths due to natural selection, were well hidden with an advantage. The light colored moths were simple to spot in the dark colored background, while the dark moths were well hidden.

This organism is an example of modern evolution, as the species as a whole was effected in a short amount of time, and in a significant way.


Created with images by LOLren - "Moth"

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