Paul Gargiulo is a 2 time Josie award winner. He won awards for Americana Artist Of The Year. Paul Gargiulo is currently working on his seventh CD, and has already released 6 studio CDs. His latest album is called Long Time Coming. In 2016. Jersey boy Paul Gargiulo is a favorite performer. He is known for his original music and innovative finger work on the guitar. This singer songwriter, launched his musical career singing and writing blues based music. His songs include lyrics inspired by his own personal experiences, struggles, and losses. His performances are noted for their sheer energy, passion and relentless powerhouse vocals, that are heightened by his gifted guitar playing.

Paul brings performs with guitar skills in a manner that brings each song to life. He has the ability to energize his audience with lightning fast guitar picking with dynamic melodies.

Paul Gargiulo became a local favorite playing in bars, restaurants and clubs as a teenager. Over the years, as an indie artist, Paul Gargiulo became enamored by Americana, blues, country, rockabilly, and funk-style.

Paul Gargiulo performs solo or with his band both locally and nationally. His original material consists of earthy blues, to fast picking guitar playing. He also enjoys heartbreaking Latin stylings to country inspired love stories. His work also covers a range of jazzy, swingy and rockabilly sounds.

Paul Gargiulo performs in NJ ,PA, NY, and Nashville TN at main stages like Commodore Grill, Mexicali Live, Hat City Kitchen and Church Street main stage in Montclair, intimate clubs, corporate events, private parties, clubs, Farmer’s Markets, Casinos, Music Festivals, Street Fairs, benefits and fundraisers. He also opens up for national acts and performs on live radio. Paul is also touring Nashville and Austin later this year with his new acoustic set.

As a talented artist Paul has met with world renowned musician Jeff Beck, spending time with him not only on his tour bus but also in New York City. Marshall Crenshaw, Formidable guitarist Les Paul, Buddy Guy and Brian Setzer also met and shared stages with Paul Gargiulo, and recording artist musician John Ginty, Hammond player, played on 4 tracks of “Life Pouring Through”. Paul Gargiulo played with legendary horn virtuoso Ted Curson, an epic artist/musician who played with Charles Mingus.

Paul Gargiulo is a New Jersey winner for a “King of Country Blues” guitar competition in 2007. His work can be heard on hundreds of radio stations in the North East and in Europe.

Paul Gargiulo performs solo or with his band both locally and nationally. Members of the Paul Gargiulo Band include drummer and back up vocalist Greg Sumel, and Bob Garbo.

While Paul has performed in many different settings, his focus is bigger venues and events. He has a strong fan following, and draws a large audience wherever he performs.

- The Jersey Tomato Press

"As a film crew worked on a documentary about a Jersey boy who matured into a musical force to be reckoned with, McLoone’s Boathouse in West Orange was packed with dancing, ecstatic fans on Friday night - who were lining up to ask who the blazing hot guitarist/singer was and could they know when he’d be back. New Jersey native Paul Gargiulo looks like an adult version of a Rock god but doesn’t play the cliche-part in his personal life. Instead, he is soft-spoken, humble, and grounded".

Country Music Vibe Presents Paul Gargiulo

NASHVILLE – Like many of his own heroes, Paul Gargiulo is an ideal combination of multiple musical flavors that are rarely seen together in any one artist. Just as Elvis Presley shifted naturally between country, pop, and R&B, Paul’s a New Jersey guitar virtuoso who often wears Western shirts and is equally comfortable playing and singing his hooky, radio-friendly originals onstage in a smoky Manhattan bar, a tough Jersey Shore club, or one of Music City’s high-profile and high-pressure writers’ nights.

Just as the British guitar icon Jeff Beck integrated funk, jazz, pop, and other genres into his soloes, hit albums, and singles, Gargiulo fuses his own completely unique sound from echoes of Elvis guitarist Scotty Moore and other Retro rockabilly and Bluegrass pioneers, current Alternative and Americana singers and songwriters, jazz and swing cats, and even Latin rhythms.


"We had our eye's and ears on Paul Gargiulo for a months. Once we heard his song "Take me home" we were hooked. We knew that it was going to be important to sign Paul Gargiulo. There was a feeling, that he was going to be successful. He is focused, and has a strong desire to please audiences wherever he goes. We are proud of what Paul has achieved thus far. The staff at Country Music Vibe is thrilled to have Paul Gargiulo as a client".

If you are interested in booking Paul Gargiulo, please contact us at pr@countrymusicvibe.com. Thank you for your time.

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