The Importance Of Being Earnest By: Madeline Dickey

PHS Drama Club has recently performed the play The Important Of Being Earnest.

Featured in photo (left to right): Travis Mefford, Angel Pierce

The cast has worked very hard to make it a great production.

Featured in photo (left to right): Jillian Keen, Lily Thompson

The Important Of Being Earnest is about a man named John (played by Chase Meehan) who created a brother named Earnest so he could go into town.

Featured in photo: Jillian Keen (sitting), Chase Meehan (standing)

While in town, John meets Algernon Moncrieff (played by Travis Mefford), who manages to figure out John's plans, sneaks away to his country side home, and pretends he is Earnest.

Featured in photo: Travis Mefford

John and Algernon purpose to two lovely ladies, Cecily (played by Lily Thompson) and Gwendolyn (played by Taylor Lopez), both by the name of Earnest. Of course this causes problems between the ladies, with both thinking they're engaged to the same man.

Featured in photo (left to right): Travis Mefford, Lily Thompson, Chase Meehan, Taylor Lopez

The four (John, Algernon, Cecily, and Gwendolyn) get together to discuss what has happened and the problems it has caused. They settle the argument and end up finding a new mystery to solve.

Featured in photo (left to right): Angel Pierce, Travis Mefford

Many years back, Miss Prism (played by Jillian Keen) had a handbag that she left in a storage room at a railway station in London. Inside the handbag, however, was an infant named Earnest. John was able to find this handbag and by piecing the puzzle together, they discovered that John's real name was actually Earnest and who his real parents were.

Featured in photo (left to right): Travis Mefford, Chase Meehan

And that is the importance of being Earnest.

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