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Harry Potter Part II - 16th June 2018

Hi everyone, Peer Mentor Kaitlyn here! Today during shine we made quills using pencils and card. The children really enjoyed the activity and were able to decorate them once they were created. Following on from that we played a gamecalled trivial pursuit testing our knowledge on Harry Potter, soon after we made stories based on the 3 brothers of the deathly hallows.

Before lunch we completed a quiz on kahoot working in teams. I worked with Iris and Teigan and named ourselves the dream team.

During our activities we played music from the greatest showman while everyone sung along. To finish of the day we all joined groups and watched Harry Potter all excited for our trip next week.

Hi, I'm Teigan and I'm a year 6 student at SHINE. I really enjoy coming to SHINE because I get to be with my friends and do fun activities! Today we made quills, we are also making a little clip of the 3 brothers also known as the Deathly Hallows. During the activities we played the Greatest Showman and some people sung along .

Before lunch we are doing a quiz on Kahoot based on Harry Potter to test our knowledge! We can't wait until our trip to Harry Potter Studios next week :-)

Dio de le muerte: OUr trip to Mexico 19th May 2018!

A word from Toby, student at SHINE!

Today at SHINE we were learning about Mexico, but we all had Royal Wedding Fever! We even had a visit from the royals themselves.

Comment from Prince Harry: "This is the most happiest day of my life marrying my true love! Its a miracle. I'm so excited to see my darling (Meghan) she would look beautiful in that glittery dress."

A comment from Meghan: "Today is the most nerve wracking day of my whole entire life😱 I can't believe that I am getting married today in front of thousands of cameras and people. But the one thing that makes my anxious is that I have to impress the Queen."

Introducing peer mentor, Jody!

Hi, I'm Jody! I am 15 years old and in year 11 at the Folkestone Academy, and I'm a peer mentor here at SHINE. I love working at SHINE because I like to interact with the children and support them in their learning.

Today we learned about Dia de le Muerte (the Day of the Dead). Our first activity of the day was a colour by maths sheet. When the children finished their work, we read a powerpoint to learn more about this day Mexican people use to pay respect to their deceased relatives.Then, it was mask making time! Lily and Millie created flowers for the kids to wear and after lunch, we watched the live stream of the Royal Wedding at Windsor Castle.

See some pictures below of SHINE students at the radio!

The country, not the animal: Our Trip to Turkey 12th May 2015!

A word from peer mentor, Lily!

Hey its Lily! This weekend at shine we were doing earthquakes. I enjoyed talking to the children about what they already know about them, and what they have learnt. The children in my group, the Bobby Dazzlers, made brilliant posters containing the do’s and don’ts of when an earthquake occurs and Jody and I judged them on best designed and most informative. I really enjoyed looking at all of the posters as everyone had put so much effort into them, so colourful and full of facts! Next, the children had a challenge to make a structure out of marshmallows and pasta that was “earthquake proof”. It was a close call but the girls team won! Here are some photos from today…

A word from Ruby, a year 6 student and eco-superhero!

Hey, I'm Ruby! At SHINE, we do a lot. Today, we learned about a country called Turkey (no, not the bird) and we found out that they have earthquakes every week! We made posters about earthquake safety and used "Drop, Cover, Hold" to remember how to stay safe in an earthquake: DROP down low, find COVER like a table or a desk and HOLD on tight until the shaking stops. After that, we made earthquake-proof structures using marshmallows and spaghetti!

When I first arrived at SHINE, I was a bit unsure, seeing as all my friends were in another group. But my friend Serena decided to move groups and now I'm really happy!

Serena and I were once sitting in the grass and Miss Raycroft came and sat with us. We talked about how there was lots of litter around the playground and how that made us sad. Now every playtime, Serena and I collect up the litter and take a photo with it to show you how we're trying to protect the environment. Today, our friend Tomas helped us and Mr Waterman helped us take the photo! The bag was really heavy this week.

Seeing the Great Wall from Space! Our Trip to China: 5th May 2018

Introducing Peer Mentor Josh!

Hi I'm Josh and I am a Peer Mentor here at SHINE! I've been a Peer Mentor for over a year now, having worked at both hubs. Generally I like reading and listening to music, but I also like to play a lot of video games! I joined SHINE as a Peer Mentor because I'm considering a teaching job in the future and I've loved every second of it!

Today we went to on a trip to China! To start off our day, we wrote a letter to Blue Peter in order to apply for some badges. The children really enjoyed the writing task and were enthusiastic about getting their very own badges. Some of them even applied for the Diamond Badge, Which is only available for a limited time!

Next we looked at pictures of the Great Wall of China from space and drew what we thought it looked like. We also found out that the Great Wall is 21.19618 MILLION metres long! That's the same as having 13 million of Miss Raycroft laying head-to-toe! Pretty amazing, isn't it?

Afterwards, we learnt more about the Great Wall of China, and applied our skills to an interactive maths task, where we calculated area and worked out how many soldiers we would need to post in each section in order to protect the Wall from attackers.

A word from Rowan, a year 8 pupil!

Hello, My name is Rowan and I am a year 8 student at the Folkestone Academy. I am in the Bobby dazzler group at SHINE! Today we are going to China. Our first activity today is to write a letter to the TV show Blue Peter. I will be applying for a blue badge (the first badge). I have heard that you can get into Thorpe Park for free which I am very happy about!

Tiago brought in some of the souvenirs he brought back from a recent trip to Thailand and even some things he has been given from China!

Then, it was down to the recording studio for Academy FM, where lucky students get picked to go down to the studio to record a show for tomorrow. I went along so we could report on the happenings to you. If you want to listen online, you just need to follow the link: http://www.academyfmfolkestone.com/ .

Next, we researched what the Great Wall looked like from space and learned all sorts of cool facts. My favourite bit was showing off my awesome art skills during the drawing activity, where we sketched a bird's eye view of the Wall. Here's mine!

Miss Raycroft would like to thank ...

Our Eco-Superhero Girls struck again! This time, collecting two bags of rubbish. Is it just me or are the litterbugs multiplying? Our heroes, Ruby and Serena, were unable to get their weekly picture to show you how much rubbish was collected, but wanted me to tell you just how much they managed! So proud of you girls :-)

Incas, Llamas and Panpipes - Oh my! Our Trip to Peru: 28th April 2018

Introducing Peer Mentor Kaitlyn!

Hi, I’m Kaitlyn and I am a peer mentor for SHINE on Saturdays at the Folkestone Academy. My role at SHINE is to work with the children and ensure they engage with varied activities planned. I am currently placed in a group full of wonderful and hard-working children discovering new and exciting things. My favourite part of SHINE is helping the children develop their understanding of core school subjects, enhancing their independence and confidence. This term we have been ‘taking a trip around the world’ creating brochures and learning new facts based on a country given each week.

"Look Miss, I finished my llama!"

Year 8 pupils, Tiago and Eric's review of our session on 28th April 2018

Tiago says, "This week, we travelled to Peru. During our trip, we made brochures to encourage people to go to Peru. This was a really easy task, considering how many cool things Peruvians have to do, see and eat! We designed our own llamas using tissue. Some people made their llamas look more like the llamas from Fortnite, others made more realistic ones. We also learned a very silly song called "The Llama Song" and had a competition to see who could sing it the best - the Bobbydazzlers won!

Eric says, "Today we went to Peru! It was a pretty awesome experience; we made brochures and leaflets for an exciting trip along the Inca Trail! We also made tissue paper llamas and sang a song about them (who knew we would need so many llamas at SHINE?). Yet another awesome Saturday. I can't wait for next week, apparently we're heading to CHINA!"

Another word from our super awesome Eco-Superhero Girls, Ruby and Serena!

While everyone else was playing after lunch this week, we were very productive. As you may have noticed, we have been collecting so much litter the bag even broke - that was just last week! This week we collected twice as much! YAY! On the blog, you will see our photo every week to keep up to date on how we're trying to protect our environment, one litter-pick at a time. Go us!

First Stop - Egypt: 21st April 2018

A word from Macey, a year 7 pupil!

I'm Macey, I came to SHINE and have been lucky enough to experience loads of amazing opportunities! For example, going to the Science Museum in London, the cinema and of course, another trip around the world!

Sugar Cube Pyramids complete with the River Nile!
Team Savage working hard to build their pyramid!

This week, we learned about Ancient Egypt. First of all we made pyramids out of sugar cubes. Miss Butterly was the judge for the Bobbydazzlers' competition and she had a really tricky decision to make as all of the pyramids were absolutely awesome!

After that, we created fact files about the Pharoahs - did you know that Queen Hatshepsut dressed up like a man so that she would be allowed to be a pharoah? She even wore a fake beard! Finally, we ended the day with a maths challenge where we solved the addition pyramids to solve the riddle, "Where do mummies go for a swim?" The answer was the Dead Sea! (It took us quite a long time to figure it out!)

Introducing Lily, one of the Folkestone Hub Peer Mentors!

Hi, I'm Lily! This is my second year of being a peer mentor at the Folkestone Academy Hub. Being able to support and influence the amazing children here at SHINE has been so rewarding and I am really enjoying myself. I would also like to continue working with children after I have finished school!

We would like to thank ...

Can you believe all this rubbish was in one small section of the Folkestone Academy playground?

We wanted to give a big, Folkestone Hub shoutout to our eco-superheroes, who volunteered their lunch playtime to do a tidy up of the playground! They collected one bag, filled to bursting - the bag actually broke and "littered" the floor with rubbish once we got it inside - with litter of all kinds and descriptions on the grass behind Courtyard 1. We were amazed that so much litter was found on such a small square of the playground and we're even more motivated to continue the clean up next week!


Harry Potter geeks... all of us!

Aaaaaaand we are here, at the Warner Brothers Studios looking fabulous in our orange caps!

Look how big our SHINE family is!

We have made it through the incredible Great Hall where we saw all the familiar faces (Hagrid was huuuuge!)

Choo choo! All aboard Shining Stars!

Minds collectively blown at how epic everything is here.... you can even sit on the Hogwarts Express!

Highlights so far have been....

  • Raising a Nimbus 2000 by saying “up!”like actual WIZARDS!
  • Seeing the Philosopher’s Stone - in real life 😮
  • Going into the Dursley’s house on Privet Drive
  • The animatronic spiders in The Forbidden Forest
  • The amazing gift shop.... of course!
Imagine getting that much mail 😧
Miss Jenkinson and her trusty sidekicks
Amazing models and prosthetics

Another highlight was seeing the scale model of Hogwarts and mwatching the videos of its construction and how famous scenes were filmed using the model.

Spot of retail therapy down the alley

Diagon Alley!

What an awesome day... huge thanks to all of the team at Warner Brothers studios...Mischief managed!


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