Energy in collisions By:Shrivas

There are 2 types of energy - Kinetic and potential.

Kinetic energy is the energy that a body has when it is moving
Potential energy is stored energy

To understand potential and kinetic energy, we built a small carriage and put an egg in it.We rolled it of a ramp. Our goal is to keep the egg safe.

Kinetic energy tore this car down.Heavy objects usually flip over as this truck did.The truck flipped over in movement.

In our experiment, when there is collision, the egg cracked.The Kinetic energy of the car transferred to the wall,to turn into potential energy.

Weight effected the car. When the vehicle was heavier, it flipped over.

Our egg cracked cause of weak protection.

We put seat belts on our car to stop the egg from cracking. The seat belts helped the egg even though the car crashed. It helped by staying in place.

This is a short clip Mrs.Gahl showed us.

Improvements for next time are not making the car so heavy and adding aerodynamics.


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