Antarctica The bottom of the world

Where did Antarctica's name come from?

Antarctica’s name comes from the Greek word “antarktike” which means opposite of the north.

What plate does Antarctica sit on?

Antarctica sits on the antarctic plate, it is one of the biggest plates.

Antarctica formed 33.6 million years ago.

Antarctica arrived where it is today 50 million years ago.

There are no shrubs or trees except on the South Orkney islands, Shetland islands and along the western peninsula where animals like penguins and seals live.

This is an adorable antarctic fur seal one of the mane predators of the penguins. There are also elephant seals in Antarctica.

There are four big volcanoes on the mainland of Antarctica, although there are many more than four volcanoes. The red dots represent most of the volcanoes. Also, Antarctica is divided into by a mountain range.

Antarctica has a approximate population of 4000 people in summer and 1000 people in winter. This is a research station where scientists live.

These are some beautiful pictures of Antarctica but don't be fooled, Antarctica is a harsh land with deadly freezing temperatures under -49°C.

Fun fact! Did you know that penguin's feathers are waterproof on the outside and soft on the inside so they stay dry when they swim? Its true. When they cluster together to keep warm they barley touch each other so they don't ruin their feathers. If one of the penguins moves all of them move.

"A massive chunk of ice roughly the size of Delaware is about to break away from the fourth-largest ice shelf Antarctic. ... The split not only will form one of the largest icebergs in history but also will leave Larsen sea vulnerable to a complete collapse, which could speed up the flow of glacial ice into the ocean and indirectly add nearly four inches to global sea levels."

The Week, "Health and Science", January 27, 2017

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