Some New Beginnings by Max El-hag

TTT in 2015

Spring is always a good time for new beginnings. This spring is no different for TTT. We will be making many announcements over the course of the next year as we grow into new markets, finish developing our educational products and relocate the business, but I wanted to take this opportunity to explain the camps we are launching in the second half of the year. Last year we hosted camps in 4 different countries with great success. I took all of the feedback, both negative and positive, and restructured the layout of the camp. I restructured so that as many of the negative aspects as possible were addressed, and created elements that people requested for future camps. My goal each year is to make them more educational for coaches, more useful to athletes, more unique, and something I enjoy doing as each year comes around. Below is a video we created from our regional athlete camp this past weekend in Atlanta and below that is a breakdown with a little more information on the camps.

Why am I doing the camps?

I honestly hate getting up in front of groups of people and opening my body of knowledge to criticism. But, the world of fitness seems home to many charlatans, marketers, businessmen, and people who stumbled into the spotlight…and many of them are teaching. I’ve spent so much money over the years learning from others and feeling disappointed at the conclusion of the weekend/course/camp that I felt I needed to create my own. I may not be special, and in some circles I may have one of those negative labels too, but I feel like I can do it better. I feel I have a subset of knowledge that can make athletes better, will make people more appreciative of what their bodies can achieve, and help to inspire other coaches around the world to improve our collective knowledge. The fitness industry is a mess, and I feel passionate about trying to do my part to influence others to help me continue to evolve it in a positive direction. My hope is to create optimal people. That will be different for each person, but we all have bodies, and we all must learn to operate ours in a way that supports our goals. That could mean: making the CrossFit games, being a professional sports athlete with joint longevity, getting lean to break fears about a past of insecurities concerning bodyweight, or just moving well so that you can run your business and care for your kids. In order to help people find this for themselves, I plan to elaborate on: the optimal mind-state of successful people, physiological characteristics of sport development (centered primarily on fitness), how athletes differ in their energy production systems, and a variety of other topics that I think are unique to TTT. I know that the camp market is saturated. Many people are charging a lot of money for very basic information. I hope to provide a reasonable rate for information that is delivered in a way that, to date, only TTT does.

Who should attend?

I created the camps last year as a separate day for coaches and athletes. That proved to be a mistake. This year both days are for both athletes AND coaches. My goal was to create a layout where athletes get an opportunity to train and learn about themselves, while coaches get the opportunity to watch athletes and see them critiqued. The information will speak to both groups and the more comprehensive advanced coaching knowledge will be released with our online courses in the later half of the year. We believe that athletes at any level can attend. We made the tests difficult, but safe and applicable to all levels of fitness for people who train on a regular basis.

Where/when will the camps be:

  • Chico, CA | North Rim Crossfit | 8-8/9-2015
  • Saint Paul, MN | Timberwolf Crossfit | 8-8/9-2015
  • Dallas, TX | Crossfit 214 | 9-12/13-2015
  • Memphis, TN | Crossfit Hit and Run| 9-26/27-2015
  • Cooper City, FL | 911 Crossfit | 10-10/11-2015
  • Alpharetta, GA | Crossfit Passion | 10-24/25-2015

I look forward to seeing you some time throughout the year!

~ Max

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