Jonah By chloe

The holy Bible New international version

Jonah pages 1052-1055

Chapter contents and summary

Chapter 1: Jonah tries to run away from god(1053) summary: Jonah's fear and pride caused him to run away from God.

Chapter 2: a psalm of thanksgiving (1054) summary:Jonah doesn't want to go to Nineveh to preach repentance to the people as God has commanded because he feels they're his enemies and he's convinced that God will not carry out his threat to destroy the city.

Chapter 3: conversation of Nineveh (1054) summary:Instead he boards a ship for Tarshish which is in the opposite direction.Soon a treble storm causes the crew to cast lots and determine that Jonah is the problem. They throw him overboard and he is swallowed by a humongous fish.

Chapter 4: jonahs anger(1054) summary: God deals with Jonah and teaches him about His love and compassion.

Literary forms used in the book of Jonah

1:1 — The word of the LORD came

2:1 — Then Jonah prayed

2:10 — So the LORD spoke

3:1 — Then the word of the LORD came

3:3 — So Jonah arose and went

4:1 — But it displeased Jonah


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