Fire Headphones

The beat gets you listening the words get you thinking

Downtown London 123 music lane. Open Monday, Wednesday, and weekends, from 3Pm- 9Pm

Plan headphones: 35$. Costume headphones:45$, depending on how much you want on the headphones

Headphone company's don't think about there people anymore, they think about the money. Not us. We are looking for the joy of the customers find listening to quality one of a kind headphones. We will sit down with you and you can design YOUR own headphones. Pick a design someone else has used and we will make it for you. For resonance price for you musical Enjoyment. We are trying to hit up the group of people who crave good cuality headphones for better music.

As the CEO of FireHeadphones I have background with music. As a child my family would travel all the time going to concerts and performing them. I was inspired to make my own kind of music so I decided headphones. It's not just about the artist you listen to its how you look when you have headphones and the quality.

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