Local Leaders and Issues By: Carson Demeny Tor N.w. 9-10

Five Issues from local government leaders.

Some person wants a hair salon in their house. A resident wants to start a hair salon in a residency. It was approved 3-06-17.

People want to have Meetings over holidays. Two meeting fall over holidays so they want to adjust the calander for 2017 meeting days. Was approved 3-06-17.

Mnt. Olive church wants to add on. Mnt.Olive church want to add 1400sq ft on to there church. Was approved 2-06-17

Envisions studios wants a licence. Envisions studios wants a class B malt beverage licence. Was approved 2-06-17

Speed limit on velp changed. Requested to reduce speed limit on velp to 45 to 35mph. was approved 7-18-16

They approved the issue because they think people are at risk because cars are going to fast on velp. They want the roads to be as safe as possible and with the speed limit slower there is more likely to be less accidents.

12781 Velp Ave, Suamico, WI 54313

Village Website: suamico.org

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