Niger Delta Revolution By ; eddy fernandez

The Niger Delta Crisis what a challenging but yet a fun subject to research. It was really challenging to find information on certain things such as incubation phase or the symptomatic phase.There was some interesting things about the delta too such as the war was caused over oil to see who has most oil wealth between the countries. The project changed my outlook on the revolution because it showed me the country doesn't have much wealth in general so they have to fight for their right and succeed for their country. i chose this modern day revolution to study because it was not known alot and i would like to tell people information so they have a better understanding

The Niger Delta is a war that is fought not only freedom but also oil. Nigeria, after nearly four decades of oil production, had by the early 1980's become almost completely economically dependent on petroleum extraction, which at the time generated 25% of its GDP. This portion has since risen to 60%, as of 2008.

The inadequate attention to this issue of the dynamics of the Niger Delta coflict in a systematic fashion has meant we are still unable to answer in concrete terms how and why the Niger Delta conflict continues to assume alarming intensity.

I believe that the Niger delta has entered the crisis phase only because it is in war is still going on til this day. it is 2017 and it still hasn't stopped. The oil is a big part of matter to them in their country because they run most of their products based of renewable energy and oil was one of them so they want oil wealth and they fight countries for this oil wealth.

My prediction is there will be solution to this war. The war was to end years ago but it still goes on til this day a lot of people die everyday thousands of people died in that country but a lot still live but they have to go through the worst life style so the solution could be solved but it will take a while.

Niger delta is different from the french revolution because the war eventually ended and it was fought over oil and the french fought over freedom. the similarities they are fighting for is for not only them but for their people .

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