Dreams and Aspirations bY JACLYN COLWELL

Universal Theme : No dream can be out of reach, if you have your mind set on it

" Of Mice and Men "

“But you ain't gonna get in no trouble , because if you do I won't let you tend the rabbits .” He threw his empty bean can off into the brush "I aint get in no trouble , George. i aint gonna say a word."

this quote from "Of Mice and Men" is pretty obvious . lennie is doing something that is Hard for him (remembering ) , to make his dreams be possible .

In mice and men the author is trying to teach us about how dreams can keep us striving even when it is hard for us

" The Scarlet Ibis "

“ I can't walk brother “ he said “ who says so !” I demanded “ mama the doctor everybody “ “oh you can walk , I said and I took him by the arms and stood up . He collapsed on the grass like a half empty flour sack . It was as if he had no bones in his little legs “ …. Finally one day , after many weeks of practicing , he stood alone for a few seconds . When he fell I grabbed him in my arms and hugged him , our laughter pealing through the swamp like a ringing bell . Now we knew it could be done .

Doodle in this story was physically disabled , everyone told him he would never be able to walk , except his brother . They tried and tried until he proved everyone wrong . DOODLE TRIED UNTIL HE DID WHAT EVERYONE THOUGHT WAS IMPOSSIBLE FOR HIM !.

" The Little Mermaid "

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Through out most the movie , Ariel was trying to make her dreams come true . She was faced with challenges and struggles with ursula and others bringing her down .But through all that she survived and made her dreams come true .

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in the movie rudy , is about a football player who dreams of playing for the University of Notre Dame, he does not have the money for it or qualify for a scholarship because his grades . After his best friend dies he pushes himself to overcome his dyslexia and gains admission to go to the university and play football

So What ? Impact

having dreams in life is something everyone has . there is not one person who i have met who has not ever dreamed of becoming something or doing something later in life. This is good for us , it helps us strive for certain things , motivates us , and most important gives us something to look forward to , makes all the risk we take and the hard times worth it in the end , if we never give up

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